By: ArtimesDSII

Episode Title: Crushing Blow 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls Pt. 5

 I knew people were going to die this episode but damn this episode was so intense despite just knowing what was going to happen.

I’ve been meaning to say this for a while but I haven’t kept up with reviews for the last few episodes – Levi is actually damn cool. This episode it was just sad watching him return to see his soldiers fallen as he returns to Eren. Seeing him fly past his fallen comrades and just holding it all in was a little painful to watch. I didn’t find it out of place at all though – his reaction to everyone, since we’ve seen it literally in the first scene he’s introduced.

deathof a comrade


Now I’ve been thinking for a while about Mikasa’s Oriental background, maybe in a way Orientals have a natural talent for combat or are skilled fighters etc and that’s why Mikasa seems literally like the only character who can get shit done. She brought down the female titan to her knews whereas even the Elite members of the Levi Squad only lasted so long. You could say she would end up like them had Levi not stopped her but no one can deny that she fought alone. This brings me to my next point, Levi might be of Oriental descent too. I think it’s a viable option, they’ve got similar hair and skin tone and they’re excellent fighters that seem to just have a knack for it right? It’s possible that Irvin recruited thug Levi because he knew he’d have a talent for this. It just seems possible to me. That said, I can’t wait to see Mikasa and Levi fighting together (though I still want to see them get into a fight…) vs the damn female titan.

It was mentioned by, I believe, Mikasa that the Titan swallowed Eren whole which hints that Eren is definitely alive and well so I’m not worried at all about that.

Back to Levi, it’s always interesting seeing someone who takes his job seriously and cares deeply for the people having to deal with the sudden loss of his comrades. He was alone and could have cried if he wanted to and no one would know but he just lowered his head and looked on. No words are said and he moves on to deal with the situation. He’s spent at least 5 years with each person in his squad and now they’re all gone, just like that. They made their own choice and died (even though Eren blames himself for it) and I think Levi will find comfort if he learns just that little bit.


I really hope he gets to at least beat the crap out of the titan once he catches up. Mikasa and Levi are both pissed so the next episode should have a lot in store.

On the female Titan, I want to know why. Just why is she doing all this, so badly. I get she probably needs Eren since he’s too much of an advantage for the humans and their secrets may be revealed in time as Eren learns to control his Titan and that’s obviously something they want to prevent but I want to know why she’s doing any of this to begin with. I know who the female titan and apparently it’ got something do with her father. I’ve got some thoughts on why but this is just killing me now. And since the female titan is supposed to be someone among the soldiers and female I think people should be able to narrow down the possibilities.

Other SNK stuff:

  • My eldest brother finally started watching SNK and so I’ve watched the first 6 episodes again and I noticed a lot of things I didn’t earlier and it’s so cool the way everything is presented. You notice so much watch it a second time since you know what happening and the characters. I’ll probably watch most of it again with my brother on and off
  • I meant to write reviews for the other episodes but I kept putting them off…for good reason though, about 2 days after exams I had surgery so… Oh and school starts again tomorrow ><