By: ArtemisDSII

So the Iwatobi swim team finally makes it to a tournament and we finally get to see some real swimming which was awesome. I have to say I find the show hilarious and it’s actually among the three shows I’m following this season (the other two being Shingeki no Kyojin and Hakkenden).

We learn in this episode of Rin’s past and it seems the fans of the show are divided when it comes to him. Personally, I don’t really care much and I don’t think it’s that sad. Also, I’m okay with him dumping Haru even though I was kinda surprised with Haru’s hurt reaction. I mean, seems like Makoto’s interested so at least he’s got a rebound?


Okay serious; it’s not particularly sad that Rin wants to follow the dream his father chose to not pursue. I guess it sucks that being the son of a swimmer he still can’t match up to Haru (whose family we know nothing about but oh do people love to just assume to satisfy their pathetic expectations for a ‘perfect and flawed’ character, <- more on that some other time). Rin’s a character obsessed with being better and he’s stuck on Haru always beating him so it makes sense for him to get so excited and high on success; that’s all Haru was to him after trying for years to catch up. Yeah maybe he didn’t have to straight up dump him but I get why it happened.

Crazy Rin

And Haru’s got abandonment issues? Uhh, where was that indicated in the show (seriously, am I actually missing something?)? What I understand so far about him:

  • is that Haru’s got the hots for water
  • Haru’s got  few friends who he cares about but isn’t Nagisa about them

He’s a lot more passive, why? Don’t know and won’t care until and unless they reveal something in the show.

Anyway, the show’s so hilarious. I watched a few episode with my younger cousin and it was hilarious. The fangirling was non stop and then she denied it all. I’d recommend anyone watching this to watch it with either normal people or with a fangirl, just watch with some and it’ll be so much better than watching it alone.