By: Striffy

I was going to put this off till later, but ArtemisdsII’s been at my back to post something. (as of 2013)

Anyway here’s my top 15 or 20 or so. This page is prone to undergo changes since there’s a load of anime I left to watch for later with the intention to leave best for last.  Yeah, I’m the kind of person who breaks the Oreo into two and saves the cream for last. In other words I still have to watch Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and some other well-known shows.


With that in mind, here’s a list of shows that meant something to me: shows that got me thinking, inspired me, entertained me thoroughly, or tugged my very taut and almost non-existent heart strings.

15. Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo is one stylish and incredibly fun show to watch. It’s chock full of anarchism stew and the occasional bad rapping sequence. It doesn’t have as much character focus as I would’ve liked but it makes up for that with really well choreographed action scenes and loads of eye candy. Also Mugen’s a badass. But so is Fuu.

Samurai Champloo

14. Detroit Metal City

This show is weird. Like really weird. I watched it all in one go (granted it is pretty short). DMC has so much fun parodying the metal genre and ridiculing its fans that I just can’t look at metal the same way again (and I love the stuff). But really, about Krauser: when he rapes a tambourine, people want to be that tambourine. He has fathered hills and raised legions of hellish followers and I pray that his parents rest in peace one day (they’re currently rolling in their graves since he murdered them).

13. Michiko to Hatchin

A show set in Brazil with awesome characters and refreshing character dynamics. Watching this show was oddly heart-warming and it was worth witnessing the bond grow and strengthen between the two main characters- who, by the way, are badasses in their own way. Also I love Michiko, you goddamn stupid attractive Latino you.

12. Psycho-Pass

Oh Urobochi. The anime you write. Psycho-Pass is a show about the depletion of self-determination and the governance of humans using an all knowing system. This show focuses on the implications of such a system and the effects it has on its citizens in the long run. Psycho-Pass boasts a compelling protagonist and a main character whose growth and development really shines through.


11. Baccano

One roller coaster ride of a show with a cast so full of nutters you’ve got to wonder if it’s even natural to have so many crazy people in one area outside of a mental institution. This show’s just one heck of a mind screw with badasses here, plot over there, and blood everywhere. Chaos indeed.

10. NANA

I usually hate romance because the shows this genre produces are normally incredibly shallow. It’s as though producers , directors, and writers are too afreaid to delve into something deeper. They’re too afraide to make “love”into something real or tackle a serious relationship. Nana is an exception. It does a headdive into a story so real, so emotional, and so sad that I cared about their love.

When I watched this show, this was me: I hate everyone. They should just die. (sobs silently)

My cousin: I hate everyone. (sobs some more)

Nana X Nana for life bros.

9. Gintama

Gintama’s a bit of a crazy show. This trolling, mood whiplashing, hilarious, insane show knows how to make you smile and how to cry (usually one right after the other). Even after 200 episodes its still going strong and is consistently funny.

Warning: The first 20 episodes or so are genreally agreed by the fandom to be the lowest points of the show and are really justused to get you used to the characters and their antics). Gintama requires quite a bit of anime and Japanese culture knowledge. Includes crude toilet humour. Do not watch if easily offended.

I know this picture is imbalanced but so is Gintama

8. Full Metal Alchemist

I still have to get around watching Brotherhood so I won’t say anything yet. Except that this show depresses me. Moving on.

7. Natsume Yuujincho (all four seasons though I didn’t like the second so much)

What do you know? Another slice-of-life I actually like. This show just grows on you. It has a very likable cast of characters with a huge load of development and growth dedicated to Natsume. This kid undergoes so much and it’s just natural to empathize with him. This show’s heart warming, endearing, and doesn’t try to bash you over the head with sob stories or over the top cruel life lessons. Natsume, let me hug you bro.

6. Himitsu: Top Secret- The Revelation

I’m a mystery/ horror/ psychological fan. Himitsu spoils me. Consisting of several arcs and stores, HImitsu also includes an overreaching plot. The cast is fleshed out subtly and it leaves me wondering how much more there was to Maki than was revealed. This show brings up several themes and moral arguments, leaving you to formulate your own ideas without really forcing its opinions down your throat.

Also, if you can’t handle the seemingly homo moment in the first episode (because apparently gay is scary) , then you probably don’t have the balls to handle Himitsu anyway. (Side note: Aoki’s eww)

5. Shiki

I’m a mystery/ horror/ psychological fan. Shiki has all. I also like shows that get me thinking. Shiki did that. Shiki also broke my nonexistent shriveled up heart. I love Shiki.

Shiki’s a horror story set in an isolated village somewhere in Japan (Natsuno I feel your pain man). I advise you to not read anything about this show since its best watched spoiler free and with a tense atmosphere. Also it has Lady Gaga.

4. Terra e… (2007)

Beind able to move me to tears is something I consider to be a major accomplishment (punching my face in so my nose breaks doesn’t count). (So yeah, I admit I nearly cried, but hey! It was sad!). Terra’s a sci-fi set in space, and unfortunately sports a few lackluster opening episodes which may make it a bit difficult to get in to. However, of episode 9 I was fully captivated.

This shows’ fast pace, constant plot twists, well developed cast of characters and general sadism definitely make it worth the watch.

3. Mushishi

This is a show I like to classify as something close to perfection. A grade A classic for which I could only consume one or two episodes at a time and then I’d have to contemplate the machinations of life and how insignificant I was am compared to the rest of the world. I can’t decide which moment it was that I realized I was witnessing the workings of a master storyteller at play- was it when I say the one-eyed fish, or was it when I saw a mountain god coiling around its territory, unblinking, and exuding a silent sort of power none too different from the power of the show itself.


2. Gankutsuou

Relatively simple plot with brilliant execution. Gankutsuou starts off slow and steady and then suddenly it turns around and starts spiralling out of control. Watching the Count’s plotting come into fruition gives this odd feeling of satisfaction and chances are you’ll go gay for him. Have fun with your love-hate relationship with the guy (I still haven’t gotten over it).

1. Boku no Pico

This is a story about true love. I was blown away with the amount of character development and depth put into it. I recommend this show to everyone.

Since you didn’t just close your browser I question my faith in you, but maybe you had faith in me? Anyway that probably lost us half our followers. Moving on to my real number 1. (Please don’t watch Boku no Pico. I take no responsibility for anything)

1. Death Note

There is so much more to Death Note than can be viewed from the surface, from the moral dilemmas to the layers of chemistry between L and Light- riddled with enmity, fascination, rivalry, and grudging respect for the other. All I can say about Death Note is that I was glued to my seat for 37 consecutive episodes and nothing could pull me away from my screen. (Also I started consuming copious amounts of sugar and sitting oddly, but that’s probably just a phase).