By: ArtemisDSII

Episode 16: What Should be Done, Prelude to the Counterattack pt.3

At this point, besides Irwin and Rivialle, I like pretty much everyone in the anime thus far. I don’t particularly dislike Rivialle I ust don’t have a good enough reason to think he’s cool or likable yet. And the whole beating on Eren from the previous episode just tips the scales against his favour. And I don’t get why other people like him so much since we’ve only seen him in action once, stay by a random guy as he died and all other times he was a douche. In the Special Ops episode they introduce each member and give us some stats but they reveal nothing of Rivialle and I find that weird. Has he killed so many they can’t keep track? That seems unreasonable and not by the book which we learned he likes to follow.

It’s like Rivialle is fangirled praised as much as Sasuke (from Naruto) is except you know, we got to see him in action showing off his smarts and skills, not just hear about it.

Irwin is like a completely different story. His face just oozes antagonist to me. He looks like one of those British/German leaders that had a douchey personality and treated their captors like dirt. It’s that last scene in the opening that really gets to me, he’s just got to be bad news. And also, in this episode he was so stupid; I think they were trying to make him look like a great and calm leader whose mind can’t be read so simply (though Armin wasn’t having any of that). Speaking to the new soldiers he says he’s here to encourage them to join the Survey Corps and proceed to state several discouraging facts and ends with a smile on his face. No sir, I think that’s not how it works; you’re being demoted.

survey corps
*eyes him suspiciously*

That all said I was glad we got to see other members and their struggle to make their decision to join the Survey Corps. I liked that their take on everything had become a lot darker and they were hesitant, Jean in particular. I did find him annoying back when he was just being a kid about not being with Mikasa… but I’ve been liking him for a while; but he didn’t have to talk down to Eren again. Also, I think it’s more than obvious we will be seeing more of Annie even if she’s joining the military police; you don’t introduce a character like that and have her hide behind walls without reason.

eren just saw a fly thats all
It was just a fly he saw Jean, chill
I love how she doesn’t even skip a beat

I have been informed that we will get to see some Armin awesomeness in the next episode (I don’t watch previews) and I’m so pumped for it. I didn’t really think he was a wimp from the beginning and I loved his speech and plans from the beginning. I think it was only in the fifth episode I was a little annoyed with him (when Eren died) but it’s all good, he’s like my bro. And what do I do for my little bro? Stomp on anyone that thinks he’s a crybaby or loser; he’s saved the main characters several time and created a plant to take back Trost so back the hell up into a Titan’s mouth.

The way Mikasa worried over Eren was hilarious and yes, that short guy went too far. I still can’t get over the unreasonable beat down Eren got and it seems Mikasa’s the only one bothered by it. I hope she actually does something about this though, I want her to have at least a proper argument with Rivialle if not a fight.

mikasas pissed
Yes he did