By: ArtemisDSII

Episode 15: The Special Ops Squad, Prelude to the Counterattack pt.2

Since we learned Eren could become a Titan one thing kept bothering me; where was the Titan body coming from? How is he just creating something out of nothing? Where is the equivalent exchange at?

We knew that at the very least he was paying for it with his life force; I think we may have a case of Izumi Curtis on our hands here.

Izumi Curtis, FMA and FMA: Brotherhood

But we learned a little more thanks to Hanji this episode; the Titan’s have incredibly light bodies. Now my only problem is. why do they seem to make so much noise when they walk around? A normal human head weighs about 10 lbs and the fact that Hanji just kicked an entire human head out of the way in her rage implies that it’s a lot lighter then that.

At the end of the episode, the Titan’s she was experimenting on were killed. It’s quite obvious it was someone who had a motive to keep anyone from learning about them which furthers the thought that this whole Titan hell the humans are going through is planned and most likely by people in the military. I’d wager it’s the pedophile Erwin. There’s something about the way he appears at the ending of the opening that makes me think he’s nothing but bad news.

erwin being a creep
Eren, get out of there now!

The episode primarily focused on introducing the special ops and we learn that they’re all freaks. Hanji isn’t part of the ‘Levi Team’ but is obviously a good friend of Levi’s or she forces herself onto the group.