By: ArtemisDSII

Episode 14: Can’t Look Into His Eyes, Prelude to the Counterattack pt.1

The second opening and ending are out and I think that the visuals were so awesome for both. Regarding the soundtrack I like the ending better. Personally I like being able to hear your voice (even if I don’t understand the language) and it was blurred by the music so I wasn’t really able to enjoy it. That said, after I give it a few listens I’m sure I’ll like it better. In comparison to the first op and ed, I would say overall I prefer both over the current op and endings.

I have read so many interpretations of this gif and a comparison to Hanji and it’s awesome. Here, take a look

I didn’t mention this in my previous review but I’m pretty sure there’s something up with Annie. She had done something in an attempt to deal with a Titan but we never see what besides some smoke. I’m pretty sure my brother was trying to throw me off when i told him so I didn’t mention it but I’d say she’s a Titan shifter and one that’s got way more control than Eren. She probably has enough control to shift to different classes of Titan of her own will which would explain why we couldn’t see her Titan form from the view we got on the roof; she probably shifted to a 3 meter class Titan.

On to the episode, there were a lot of different elements that managed to keep me entertained despite the lack of death and violence (I’ll get to Levi). First we’re introduced to a few more characters and their position in the government and how the system deals with tough cases involving the military. To have an entire separate court system makes me wonder if there have been many issues in the past and what exactly they were. I wonder if the Doctor (Eren’s father) ever stood in that court. I don’t think the show will focus on that so it may not even be looked into.

Eren mentions the priest and how they’ve come a long way since they started this new religion. This to me implies that either all of humanity may have given up on God long ago or that they weren’t people of faith to begin with. I can’t help but wonder what resources the priest may have at his disposal; religion couldn’t have been re-mentioned without purpose.

Now Rivaille…

Someone’s got attitude, punk

I seriously can’t decide whether I want to stab him  or throw him in a dumpster. I will admit he’s the type of character that will fight for what’s right and not just follow orders blindly so I do expect him to turn on the government if push comes to shove. The fact that he calmly disrespected the priest and others indicates he isn’t having any of your shit but neither am I. Regardless of his position, there were several higher ups there that should no better than sit there and watch the show. In this way I felt the courtroom was bias )not that I care much since Eren wasn’t dissected).Thanks to Levi Eren remains alive but the way he went about it, I don’t think Eren’s the only one that needs pain as his teacher.

Granted Eren shouldn’t let his emotions be his voice of reason, he was making complete sense in the courtroom Levi is just a sadist and wanted to hurt him.

I was so excited to see Mikasa prepared to slice his neck off but for some damn reason Armin holds her back. Are there any people out there that think Mikasa and Levi fighting wouldn’t be awesome? That would have been so epic and I thought it was going to happen too but was left disappointed. They just let Levi have his way which makes me think he’s in too convenient of a position.

I feel you Mikasa, I do
I feel you Mikasa, I do

And the thing  that bothered me the most was that after dealing with this


Eren understands why Levi did it to him. Holy, no matter the situation I would be so pissed regardless. If he hit him one or twice I’d get it but he didn’t hold back at all. I mean, we get it, they get it stop killing him already. I literally sat there in horror watching it and yelling for Mikasa to do something I wouldn’t even mind if Eren went Titan here somehow. After seeing this parallel there is no way in hell Stiffy can just sit there and laugh at me for hating Levi (though I do love Izaya).

Eren doesn’t need to be tamed like that I mean if you get a reaction like this from him, you’ve obviously gone too damn far.

levi the shit
You’re not cool at all you piece of feces.
It’s okay Eren, I would be the same

In conclusin, Levi is now a large piece of shit and a closet sadist; the germaphobia is a distraction. Despite this I can see that I’ll like him a lot more in the future (as long as he stops hitting Eren).

I’ve been watching Eren flinch in the above gif and it’s just making me so damn mad.