By: starish6

Oh Lord. I’m so glad that this isn’t a typical, gore-without-plot horror manga.


So…our main character, Shouta, is an orphan (no surprise there) who’s been kidnapped and brought to this ‘Bloody Junkie’ game, and that too, when he was looking for his onii-chan~.

I think the first chapter was pretty good. We learnt some of Shouta’s background (I don’t care about that), and we got to see a bunch of useless, funny, and rude comments made by the viewers. Admittedly, the viewers are hilarious and they’re my favourite characters so far… (should I even have a fav. character already?)

Ch 2

This is actually where we find out about the parents’ death and how Onii-chan‘s all “Daijobu, I will protect you” to Shouta. Oh yeah, there was literally so much freaking out in this chapter.

sorry, honey. I don't think I am
Sorry, honey. I don’t think I am.

Oh, this random Tsubaki guy came in after Shouta’s freak-out (It was a very long freak-out, might I add).

He has a kawaii smile. Observe:

Look at my kawaii~
Look at my kawaii~

And, yet, he managed to scare the life out of me:

Not kawaii e.e
Not kawaii…e.e

And this is because he turned out to be an extremely talented but also retarded, psycho killer. Never trust a cute face, Shouta.

Ch 3

Okay, by now I really like where this manga is going. But then they just had to ruin it by making Tsubaki somehow open the wrong dresser-thingy even though Shouta’s blood-trail obviously lead to it. Like, what.

And this is where our highly-anticipated ‘heroine’ shows up. Okay, I understand that she’s scared and all but she doesn’t have to start freaking out and scream “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I don’t want to die! Don’t kill me!” constantly, when our poor main character so obviously does not know how to anyway. Putting that aside, while those two are having a sweet conversation, our Tsubaki is dying from embarrassment in a corner because he totally said “Found you~” to an empty wardrobe.

All in all, I can’t wait to do the next chapters.