By: ArtemisDSII

Quick Review: It’s got a pretty good concept but after the middle of the first arc it dragged too much. I recommend you watch the first 2 episodes and then the last 3 if you really want to watch more of it.

Sword Art Online is an incredibly popular anime about an MMO RPG gone wrong. All players are trapped inside the game where respawning is no longer an option. In order to get out alive they have to beat the game and the story follows Kirito, an avid gamer and chick magnet.

cool pic
It’s got some nice visuals here and there

I watched the first two episodes and I thought the concept was so great and had so much potential, I really did. However, the anime did a terrible job and I was incredibly disappointed. For starters, I preferred the first half over the second. Creating another world wasn’t necessary to the story and the anime should have ended. Because we were given no closure by the original man who created the world I was willing to see where the story would go. The second half didn’t make things any better though.

The characters were actually terrible. I pretty much hated them all except for these two guys who barely show up in the entire anime.

way cooler
Klein and Agil

I think the reason everyone obsessed over this anime besides the fact that it’s based on an MMO RPG is because we’ve got this guy who’s obsessed with the game and of course has pretty much infinite power. Every step of the way and right from the start he seems like he’s better than everyone else. He’s already been to the advanced screening of the game so he’s got a head start and then he continually wins every fight he’s in and when it gets too hard they throw in a pixie admin into the picture. He’s given all his extra support, including in the absolute end when the original creater decides to hand over complete control of the game in order to defeat the pedophile trying to get with Asuna.

you suck
No, he doesn’t care about you, you’re just there so we have a show to watch

Let’s take a step back and diverge right here. Kirito sets the pain level to maximum so that the pedophile, Nobuyuki could feel the full impact of being stabbed. Now I’m no expert but wouldn’t this affect the entire game? What would happen to anyone facing a difficult boss or someone who in that instant lost all their health? Kirito is an idiot for letting his anger ake over like that regardless of what Nobuyuki did to Asuna.

Getting back on topic, every step of the way Kirito recieves assistance and everyone plays it off as though it’s all him and it isn’t. I guess I feel betrayed because I normally play by the book when playing any game and here we have this kid cheating his way through and acting all humble in all the most annoying of ways.

Asuna from the beginning didn’t seem like a cool character. Everyone just obsessed over her simply because she’s female and a good fighter. It bothered me that she marries Kirito-in-game too. It was done simply for all the fans to squeal like idiots and pissed me off. I don’t care what you’re going through and how you feel about him, just no. I don’t even want to talk about how pointless getting married was, god. Anyway, regardless of what you think of her, in the second half of the show she’s thrown into that damsel in distress role. That didn’t bother me nearly as much as the fact that she was so desirable some 30 year old rebuilt an entire world just to marry her. And what kind of father says, ‘yeah sure marry my unconscious daughter. I mean, it’s not like she’s refused you every time while conscious.’

why is asuna even in this, as though she was really all that important
why is asuna even in this, as though she was really all that important

Also, this trend of having all the girls in the entire game fall for Kirito for literally no reason except that he’s the main character was so sad and a waste of so many episodes. I mean, I just wanted an episode dedicated to Klein and Agil. Is that really too much to ask?

way too many girls
See, even in the art they can’t leave him alone. The villains are put in the corner like they were secondary to the plot or something

Overall rating: 5/10