By: ArtemisDSII

So I decided to watch this first episode since I pretty much attacked the fandom a couple weeks ago and for the most part members of the fandom were pretty interesting and calm about it all. I thought it would be fair if I at least gave the anime a genuine chance.

the hair flips need to be stopped
I’m sure hair flipping doesn’t count as dancing. *fanservice*

The most amusing thing about the episode was that epic ending theme and opening. I didn’t really get into the opening much but that ending is hilarious and catchy too. It’s actually epic and the story behind the ending theme visuals is so over the top, my lord.

they just had to dress him up as a girl
they just had to dress him up as a girl

Despite my initial hate because of the obvious fanservice I actually did mildly enjoy the first episode. Here me out will you, I have a thing for sports anime. And I think its because I have seen sports anime before I was able to deal with Haru’s obsession with water. I do think however, that they went a little overboard. I mean, having to soak yourself in water? I get the feeling that we’re going to learn he’s actually of mermaid decent and he needs to now find his place in the world, etc. That would actually make this ten thousand times more interesting.

My only real problem is with the main character. How are you so damn passionate about something and still won’t take it seriously. No seriously, what the hell bro. Is it too much effort? If you’re as good as you are, it clearly can’t be that so what is it damn it? Do you feel self conscious? Apparently everyone loves your exaggerated body (though it makes sense for him and the others to be so built sine they swim so much ***we barely saw them actually swim***) so that can’t be it either. *sigh* At this point I’m just annoyed.

I hate dull characters like him

Regarding the fanservice, it was literally nonstop. Besides the first few minutes of the the episode of the guys as kids, there was never a dull moment in relation to unnecessary ripping of clothes and bromance borderline romance. I actually burst out laughing watching the younger versions speak, I mean I would be disappointed too if these epic looking guys ended up having girl voices. God it was hilarious.

So yes it was amusing and the fact that it’s a sports anime saved it but that’s pretty much it. I don’t really see it as very interesting but most sports anime require at least 2/3 episodes before they get anywhere. I don’t see myself watching another episode though I have listened to the ending theme numerous times.

what is he doing man
what are you doing man, get out

Oh yeah, epic entrance for the purple guy. I heard dubstep in the background, I approve.