By: Striffy

This was easily my most anticipated show of the season, but I’ve got to say I was not impressed by the shoddy writing or by the direction of the episode. It seems too eager to jump right into things without actually having sufficient build-up to back it up. For god’s sake, the first twenty seconds were composed of a white-haired adolescent beating the crap out of a little girl. I actually rewatched that bit and laughed.

sunday 3
The dialogue was pretty insipid, and the character designs don’t actually fit the atmosphere that the animators were going for. I can’t really say I’m expecting too much from this show aside from some really good eye-candy. Admittedly I’m disappointed since the show actually has a really good premise, and it’s by Madhouse (come on- Death Note, Monster, Claymore, Kaiba, Rainbow, twenty others)  but as you can see it’s by the crappy end of Madhouse and I’m going to spend the rest of my summer wiping away inevitable tears of disappointment.


The best I can say about this show is holy shit, the MC’s so cute.