By: Striffy

I decide to ramp up my gayness factor by watching Free! followed by Brothers Conflict (I’m very gay now). The only good thing about this show was my commentary in the background. Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to have an annoying animal mascot in the show trying to protect its very bland female owner from all the “predators” in the house? And why would the MC’s brothers be predators anyway? I mean I know they’re not blood related but I’m sure they’d all have the decency to not try to immediately ravish the new addition to their fa—BroCon


Followed by two hours of showering in and guzzling down brain bleach.

Let’s make a list of all the brothers we’ve been introduced to so far:

1) The shota: Not interested in female lead.

2) Religious playboy: Priest. I believe he has a thing for roleplay. He likes it when you call him Onii-chan. Possible pedophile. Avoid contact.

BroCon 2

3) Sports guy: Obviously into sports as decreed by his large forehead.

4 & 5) Homo 1 homo 2: They’re not actually homos of course (That would be dangerous~~ we can’t have gay people running around in our anime!!). They’re still into the MC, don’t worry- they just happen to like making out and confessing their love to each other and gazing into each other’s eyes lovingly… wait– aren’t they brothers??

6) Red hair: Fell in love with MC in the past. I don’t believe in his love. And why does he have twin braids…

7) Oldest bro I think: Lawyer. No pedophilic interest yet.

8) Celebrity: Why is there a celebrity…

I need to go listen to some metal to make up for this.