By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: Primal Desires: Battle of Trost Pt 9


This episode made up for the 12th, it was a lot more fast paced and much more enjoyable too. Problem is, Rivialle. We’ve seen him in action once and everyone keeps making a big deal out of him, I knew he was going to appear this episode which meant that Eren and them would finally cross paths in battle and it would be all cool. And it was all cool, until the little brat opened his mouth.

I ignored his dull face and was ready to accept his inner awesome but he starts off addressing Mikasa and Armin as brats? Somebody hold me back. That said, his entrance in this episode suspiciously reminds me of myself back in the 8th grade so I probably can’t say much about it. Damn it, all complaints null and void.

He’s so ugly Eren’s paling just by looking at him

What the heck, I’ll just keep going anyway. I’ll admit, the soldier’s outfit looks good on him (from that scen when Eren wakes up in prison) but it’s quite clear they emphasized on that just to get the a reaction out of the fan girls. Again, he did look cool but then he started talking again and it just killed it. I don’t care how good of a soldier you are, in fact, such a high ranking soldier should show more respect to lower ranking soldiers even if your suspicious of him. Striffy thinks I just love Eren too much and for that reason will hate on him but that’s not really the case. I just would completely understand if Mikasa felt like stabbing him in the neck because he obviously doesn’t respect him or her or Armin and will take advantage of his position and rub it in their faces.

So yeah, we don’t really know much about him yet except that he’s really powerful and he knows it (oh god I swear that wasn’t intentional) and that he’s going to be spending a lot of time with Eren from this point on.

I actually didn’t expect mankind to get very far this episode especially since that boulder was as large as Eren’s Titan form. The fact that he was able to lift it seemed realistic to me. It’ll definitely have some ipact on his health but it seems he really just wants to kill Titan’s.

The best part about this episode was how beautiful and cruel it was. They finally did it, their first victory but in the process so much life was lost. And it wasn’t just civilians and not even just expendable soldiers who have no faces, they were characters from the elite team and others we had met before. Marco, the character that pretty much motivated Jean and will probably continue to do so after his death, died heroically. We see in previous episodes that he’s weak and that he admits he’s afraid but he keeps fighting. He tries to save Jean by acting as bait and I liked that he died it showed that you can be so ready to give your all but life will just-

do that^

It gave a sense of realism which I appreciated and it’ll probably steer Jean in the right direction though he must have already shifted gears since he hasn’t left for the inner walls. Despite the dire situation I think it would be possible for him to retreat if he wanted to (though maybe he stayed because he’d look like he was running away).

Jean would obviously be shocked and emotional once he found his body, that’s all understandable. The lady recording the names seemed to piss him off and it again made sense for her to remain impartial to him and everything around her. She doesn’t care about Marco or his status and position in the military, all she needs is a name and she moves on. It’s the same thing we all do because no one has time for the dead. It’s not rude or inconsiderate, it’s just the truth.

All death aside, the way all the teams came together was just perfect. Everyone was working together and it did bring everyone together.

yeah we know
Oh and she was pretty cool too, finally getting in on the action


I think that’s what got me though, finally humanity is working together and then on top of that the top soldier shows up only to open his mouth and kill it all for me. I guess in a way the anime maintained it’s ‘bring all your hopes up and promptly crush them’ theme it’s had so far. Subtle

There’s a lot more to this episode in regards to Annie and what’s up with Sasha. It’s also reemphasized the pathetic situation of  the humans, the Titan’s really don’t need to even bother with the humans but they go out of their way to the point they throw up humans because they’ve eaten too much. It is disgusting but that bit reminds me so much of humans themselves it’s sad.

I’m still looking forward to the next episode despite it being just a recap, don’t expect a review.