By: ArtemisDSII

In the third episode of RDG (from what I remember) it’s revealed that the girl with glasses must have summoned the mountain’s spirit i.e. that guy she likes, by performing a ceremonial dance. I thought she was going to get a good yelling for being stupid enough to perform the dance and not know she had done so. Nope, that doesn’t happen.

She realizes that she was using the ceremonial dance that summons a mountain spirit for exercising. I believe she says that it seemed like a great way to get some exercising done.

Alright, it’s some intense dance that probably works your abs and-


no, stop
no, stop

Why would they do this? Why?

She thought this was great exercise? Singing and slowly raising your arms every 5 minutes. No, no, no. And of all things, she thought it would be okay to perform a ceremonial dance? What kind of sick joke is this?

Even if someone beat me I wouldn’t want to deal with this kid

Basically, almost all the drama in the first few episodes was a result of her thinking it was a god idea to put on a dress and dance for the gods.

*sigh* And was it really necessary to put on a dress because ‘it’s easier to move in them?’ For the rigorous activity she takes part in, any form of clothing would have been fine.

This is quite possibly one of the most ridiculous causes for anything I have seen in an anime. I do not understand why this is a thing that actually happened. It’s literally the only reason I can’t take this anime seriously or give it a chance. It’s got great animation but I just can’t get past how random it is. Even after the first episode I thought this anime wasn’t really going to go anywhere and this just sealed the deal for me.

Apparently this anime revolves around a modern Japanese myth and I can easily get into anything mythology related but not this. No thanks. The 3-4 episodes I did see weren’t special at all, no characters appealed to me either. I will say that a lot more characters were introduced where I left off but I don’t think this is going to be worth my time.

If I ever do watch it, know that I’ll have either lost my mind or was forced into it.