By: ArtemisDSII

So it’s become pretty clear as to why the nape is the weakest point on a Titan. The control system, i.e. the Titan shifter is located there and once you take him out there’s nothing the Titan itself can do.

or you could do that
or you could do that

My only problem with shifting is how you can seemingly at numerous times shift into something of much great mass. Where’s the equivalent exchange? Is it your life force or organ functioning which indirectly takes up life force. 

It’s become clear to me that Titan’s originally were not designed to prey on people as they do today. There was probably some strategy involved but not enough people were able to control their Titans and just started rampaging. It obviously got out of hand and the guy on top probably just went with the flow. The strategy I’m referring to is some plan that would unite the people as Pixis mentioned. So they were originally supposed to simply corner them but that didn’t really work.

Also, we learn that the Titan’s are said to have come from the South. I believe that Eren and his family lived there too. The South was a convenient backyard for Eren’s father to conduct experiments and maybe it went out of hand from there? Perhaps, but that doesn’t explain why humans were already hiding behind walls.

It’s pretty evident that excuse for a king has no knowledge of this underground operation but if the government is aware of these experiments then Pixis and Eren’s father are probably the overseers of this whole operation. Hmm, maybe Eren’s father realized they were going too far with the experiments, refused to cooperate and Pixis or someone else took care of him, or he quickly took care of himself.

There’s a lot of mystery involved in this manga and I love speculating but this is killing me.

*I forgot to mention this in my Ep. 11 review, my bad.

Note: *spoiler but not really* Titan shifter, I went to a wiki page about Eren and quickly scrolled up and down and caught the word a few episodes back. I’m a daredevil, I know.