By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: Icon – The Battle for Trost (7)

This episode was pretty darn slow compared to literally every other one thus far and I actually did feel a bit boredat certain parts. That girl with the glasses annoyed me to no end. We understand, if Eren messes up, a lot of people will die and even if he doesn’t people will still die protecting him. No pressure. Real strategic Miss elite soldier. And the bald guy says he’s a spoiled brat. What in the actual f—? Okay, let’s look at this realistically. First, you clearly know nothing about this guy except that he may be your only hope. I don’t think provoking him is a smart idea. Second, what gave you the idea that he’s spoiled? The fact that he’s going to be protected as he attempts to move a boulder on his own while being surrounded by Titans? Third, you guys are running on a 50 meter high wall and you’re clearly on the edge. If I were Eren, I would have pushed you off the wall in a heartbeat. This all seemed incredibly unnecessary and assholish. I hope they both get eaten.

Mikasa isnt having any of your shit

That aside, the ending was a very wtf moment. I really didn’t expect it and my brother just laughed at my face for a good minute. Now, I think that she’s not dead. I mean, she’s Mikasa Le Badass Ackerman. I think she probably got away or more unlikely, she’s going to unleash her inner Titan. I also can’t help but think that they won’t pull this at all. With all that hope we got from Eren actually coming back, I don’t think they’d repeat the same thing. Plus, there’s the fact that the last thing he said to her was that he didn’t need her. Basically, I have no idea what to expect at this point but I can’t help speculating. Also, I think it’s pretty realistic that he turned on her (and not because there’s a Titan behind her or near by), his father did say he needs to learn to control the power. It’s going to obviously take some time.

Something that caught my attention (and apparently a lot of other people’s as well) was that conversation Pixis had with Eren. Having a common enemy does unite people and I think this was the aim some psycho/realistic person came up with. Someone created the technology that resulted in the Titans in hopes that the people would unite (very Avatar the Last Bender-ish, the episode called the Great Divide or something). But like Eren said, humans still aren’t united despite all that’s happened. It’s also pretty clear that this person or group of people lost their minds and in some way are no longer trying to bring humanity together. That, or it was taken from this person and used for personal gain by politicians and the like. It reminds me of Death note in this way.4

That all said, I liked the little bit of comedy in this episode.

classic eren

Also, I heard the second opening (didn’t pay much attention to it) and I’m a little disappointed and worried. I’m all about the openings and I have never actually cared about opening politics or what not but I can’t help but wonder how anyone can live up to this epic opening. I literally listen to it all the time, at school, on the way too and from and at home. I probably won’t mind after it’s changed but right now, I think this opening suits the anime so well.

Final thing, since my brother’s read the entire mange thus far he’s thinking that the show will probably have a lot more than just 25 episodes. Apparently the entire series thus far is covered in just the first few chapters or something. I personally am conflicted about this. I would like to get on with the action but I also think that as long as they don’t pull a Naruto or Bleach I’ll be okay with it (don’t get me started on One Piece).

Edit (same day): I forgot to add, I’m not impressed with Pixis (might have been because of my brother’s non stop commentary) and I was hoping to see Rivialle and the girl with the glasses. I would like for them to appear in the next episode but I can see they probably won’t appear till the next arc.