By: Striffy

Recently I had a conversation with ArtemisDSII and I revealed for the 50th time that I generally hate romance. In retrospect I realize I probably came off as some sort of Scrooge when it comes to the stuff. Thus, I decided to rack my brains for a list of anime couples I ship and after a slight headache I was able to piece together hetero couples I like.

Anyway, it’s not that I dislike romance, it’s just that most of the romance I’m exposed to is poorly executed and feels like a cheap plot device rather than legitimate attraction unclouded solely by lust. In other words, in order for me to like a couple I should not at any point be compelled to yell out I DON’T BELIEVE IN YOUR “LOVE”!!I don't believe in your love!!

So here they are (also, I don’t ship people under 18ish- though there are exceptions):

Otae and Gintoki 

They’ll never get together- and I know it. But if there’s one woman who understands Gintoki, it’s Otae. Despite having a lasting effect on everyone he encounters the stupid silver perm dude walks a lone path- he carries his own burden and chances are he won’t be letting his defenses down for anyone.

Otae Gin

Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye

One of the few pairings smart enough to realize there’s slightly more important things going on than their budding romance (not that it’s actually budding or anything. Seems pretty neglected to me- maybe it’s different in Brotherhood).

Riza Roy

Hiruma and Mamori

Mamori’s one of the few people who doesn’t shit her pants around Hiruma and she’s one of the few people who’s tenderness he accepts (usually without a volley of gunshots).


Hijikata and Mitsuba

This pairing isn’t even about the time these two spent together- it’s about the time they didn’t spend together. Even after years of separation they still pine for each other (eww pine) and Hijikata remains fiercely loyal to her. You know what I wonder? How does Hijikata feel every time he’s reminded of her when he looks at Sougo? Whatever, these chips are too spicy.

Hji Mitsuba

Revy and Rock

Ugh… This pairing gives me a headache, but it’s still there (to be honest I just needed a 5th pairing). Being with Revy is probably one of the most life-threatening positions one could be in, but seeing as Rock is fully capable of quelling the raging psychopath within her maybe something could come of these two (though someday Rock’s going to end up with a shell in his forehead and half his brains missing).

Revy Rock

Shizuo and Celty!!

I just realized I did have a fifth pairing but I refuse to get rid of the previous one because it took time to find an image. The only thing wrong with this pairing is that we all know Izaya would get jealous (…of Celty hurhurhur). He can’t have Shizu-chan~~~ neglecting him, now can he??

Shizuo Celty

So there you have it. People I wouldn’t mind being in love.

Next I’ll be doing a post for my favourite Heterosexual Life Partners and Platonic Life Partners (that list is way longer).

Do you have any couples that you support (<–asking as though it’s the most uncommon thing in the world) (or couples you don’t hate with the passion)?