By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: Answer, Defense of Trost Part 6

This was the first episode where no one actually died which was quite the twist. This episode was pretty much all about Armin realising that he’s not as useless as he thinks he is and we finally learn what Mikasa was referring to a few episodes ago, Armin is the reason Eren and her even survived the first attack.

eren and mikasa
Eren and Mikasa’s supportive faces

Because there was so much talking in this episode I couldn’t help but think that someone was going to get shot, specifically Armin. With how unstable the Captain was I thought someone was going to attack him as he emerged from the smoke.What’s really cool about Armin’s whole speech was that he left behind all of his gear and presented only himself. A clear sign that he was only there to talk. Of course, the Captain was already consumed by fear and was not really interested in anything he had to say. However, even if the order was given, it seems pretty clear that they would have all gotten away. Mikasa would probably get Armin out of there with seconds to spare and Eren would have used Armin’s forgotten gear to catch up.

The two people I trust more than anyone in the world, want to entrust their lives to me. What more evident could I possibly need?

The thing about Armin is that he is capable but constantly doubts himself. This makes a lot of sense even though he came out on top as their best theoretician. He joined the Recon corps where brains isn’t as important as being able to take action. In training, more emphasis is given on fighting and being able to keep up in that regard. Couple all that with the fear of being eater, watching everyone in your team die, losing your only guardian to the Titan’s as food, it makes sense that he would feel so insecure.

Once Eren and Mikasa remind him of how important and useful he is, he goes into awesome mode and delivers that epic speech. It doesn’t even matter that the Captain was going to kill him in the end anyway. The point was that he was proving himself to himself by giving it his all.

*epic salutation*

I actually briefly wondered why Mikasa or Eren didn’t try negotiating instead of Armin. Then I remembered, Mikasa’s method of motivation was scaring people into fighting and Eren would have lost it as soon as the Captain spoke. They really weren’t fit do to this job which allowed for Armin to shine more.

I enjoyed this episode quite a bit though I was interested in seeing more of Rivaille or however you spell it. And everyone seems really excited for the Commander appearing again but I feel pretty neutral about him at this point. I did feel pretty unsatisfied at the end because I thought there would be just a little more but they stopped short of any action probably to emphasize Armin’s character and epicness.

On an unrealted not, do people wish Armin was a girl or something? I seriously mistake him for Crista when I see fan art all the time.

I guess it’s just the hair

Author note: I probably won’t post for another week (unless I’m procrastinating), I have a pretty tough exam coming up that I really should stop ignoring.