By: ArtemisDSII

In the first episode Hannes briefly mentions that he will repay his debt to Eren’s mother by saving the three of them. It wasn’t really mentioned again and I think that it will play some role in the next few episodes even though we haven’t seen him in a while.

I guess he kinda repaid his debt by saving the kids

I’m bringing this up because I keep hearing people say that we should pay attention to the blonde characters. Apparently blonde is the colour of treachery? Anway, besides Hannes it’s pretty obvious Annie will play some huge role and Crista too. She seems to0 nice to be good (I can’t really remember the names of the male blonde characters). Also, that girl that’s got the feels for Crista, Ymir probably isn’t as bad as we all think she is.

My brother’s (who has read all the chapters out so far) been hinting at the colossal Titan’s intelligence and why it’s got any to begin with. *this might be spoilery I don’t know* Apparently people may be able to control the Titan’s in the same way Eren became a Titan. I don’t really see why this would be the case. Why would you create something that threatens your own life and be the cause of this threat? It just seems so stupid and pointless. If the Doctor was aware of all this (and possibly contributing to experimental work on the titan or maybe even creating Titans), why would he not protect his family? Clearly greed has blinded someone to use the Titan’s the way they’re being used.*end of possible spoilers*

Maybe in a desperate attempt to protect his son and the people he sort of cares about (his village? I don’t know, his wife’s dead) he used Eren as a vessel and guard dog against the people using this Titan shifting power against humanity. Kind of what Minato did to Naruto (heh, I made such a big deal out of not remembering Minato’s name my older brother got annoyed. Can’t blame him, I acted like I was going to ask for the meaning of life.)

Whatever happens, I just want a lot of people to die (like we haven’t seen any). Seems like we won’t get to see all of mankind die out so the least they could do is kill off as many people in incredibly cruel ways. Please and thank you. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

Seriously, that was just too real

I can’t even explain how tempting it is to just look  up what’s going to happen next or explanations. This better be worth the wait.