By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: Fridays of Farewells

Tell someone they have to be sacrificed in the next 24 hours, there’s no chance of survival and leave them with their thoughts. Reasonable.

I though this episode was pretty good for like 7 of the 20 minutes, it seemed kind of interesting again but there were several parts that just were poorly done. First of all, why doesn’t Yamato not broad cast Nitta being sacrificed for Hibiki and Daichi to see? He’s constantly saying things are unnecessary but keeps creating problems for himself. He just thinks Hibiki will eventually just put up with him but it’s clearly not going to happen any time soon.

Nitta as a sacrifice wasn’t really explained which bothered me too. All they said was that she would be the best candidate and they just left it at that. I’m hoping they at least try to explain it in the next episode because right now it just doesn’t make any sense to me. But her choosing to go ahead with it did make some sense. She doesn’t really have anyone close to her anymore since her parents died (it’s not even confirmed). And she only just met Daichi and Hibiki like a week ago though they did go through hell together (if you want to call it that). Somebody compared her sacrifice to that of Jesus and I thought it was pretty accurate. She just wanted to save everyone and I’m so happy she protested against it once the doors closed on her and it was too late. It made it seem more real.

nitta and hibiki
This was incredibly stupid though

Once she was possessed and dead I was really pleased but of course Hibiki has to try to play hero and save her. And the thing is, he shouldn’t have gotten through to her. She was gone and he doesn’t even know her well enough to say something that would bring her back. He literally kept saying that he needed her to survive or that they would make it and that he knew she was still in there. Suddenly, through nothing but repition he got through to her. It was so bad, and dull I can’t believe I actually watched it. Absolutely terrible.

The biggest problem I had though was with Daichi. Again, he’s thrown to the side like a flat character. I personally think that since Daichi actually likes her, he should have said something. It would be more realistic and he wouldn’t be as useless. Instead, he starts yelling at the people of JPs and confronts Yamato. Of course he’s no match for him and is tossed to the side.

at least he did something

It doesn’t make sense why no one else has tried to beat the crap out of Yamato for being a douche. I want everyone to turn on him at this point but no one makes a move.

Oh right and the fact that Hibiki just suddenly has all this power to counter the demon/god that possessed Nitta was completely out of nowhere. How did he even know the ‘dragon’ had chosen him or was that just a lucky reflexive response?  Completely over the top. He’s too strong a character and it’s completely ludicrous.

The last thing I want to comment on is Alcor’s complete personality change. Besides it being completely out of character and occasionally funny, I get this bad feeling that Hibiki will try to and actually succeed in saving him. He has to die, he can’t live a normal life. He’s the freaking sword of Polaris. Heck he’s probably going to be their opponent in the next episode.

Literally how I felt watching this episode and much of the anime

I doubt the anime will redeem itself.