By: ArtemisDSII

In one of the most recent episodes of DS2 Hinako summons her demon Shiva to defeat the Septentrion that’s appeared. I found it a little odd that they would classify a real Hindu God as a demon and what’s weirder is I haven’t heard anyone even mention it (not that I actively read DS2 reviews). I get it’s just an anime but when you literally take God and label him as a demon that can be used at your command, you would think a few people had a problem with that.

It’s one thing to use a God to show a story that’s portrayed by the religion or something but Shiva is literally a disposable demon in the anime. That threw me off a bit.

Anyway Alcor, the Anguished One, is shown in a different light in these episodes. He’s a mechanism that gained emotion and cares for mankind. I bet creating him in human form wasn’t the smartest idea. It seems he’s been trying to help humanity by providing them with the ability to summon demons (apparently he’s being really indirect) and finding his Sparkling One.

those damned eyes
They try to get you to feel a little bad for him. I probably would care more if it weren’t for his damn eyes

It seems Alcor’s personality has completely changed from the impression he gives off at the start of the anime which is kind of disappointing.

They also added in a whole bunch of fan service I could have done without, though it was still mildly entertaining to watch. My one problem with the side story (the romance) is how pathetically obvious and dull they showed everything. It’s quite clear that Daichi likes Nitta and that Hibiki is as dense as they come. We get that and there was not much indication until now that Nitta even liked anyone. Of course, she doesn’t get embarrassed that Daichi and Hibiki may have been peeping, no all that matters is that Hibiki might have been. It’s all good if Daichi checks her out, all that matters is stupid Hibiki. Seriously, Dacihi continues to be put out making him seem like a random side character instead of a good friend of the bunny protagonist.

Also, there seems to be something up with Yamato. He’s probably going to have to die at some point while carrying out his plan or at least sacrifice a lot for it. That makes the anime a little more bearable to watch.

Other things we learn include Nitta becoming some important sacrifice and we have yet to learn why she of all people makes the perfect candidate. Also, Yamato and Alcor apparently like getting into Hibiki’s face. That sure made all the fan girls happy. But was that really necessary? No. It was actually really lame and awkward.

because Yamato would actually push a guy against a wall and then get in his face. yeah right

Also, I love the doctor. She’s just sitting there at the table eating while everyone discusses the possible end of the world, almost with a smile on her normally dull face. I think she’s probably my favourite character so far. And the sound track continues to be awesome so there’s that.

However, I’m not really looking forward to the next episode. I just hope they make Daichi more useful.