By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: The Left Arm’s Trace: Battle of Trost Part 5

I`m glad we got to see the inside of the Titan

Okay, let`s just jump right into it. First, people have been trying to figure out when the doctor may have had contact with Eren and injected the needle. It all seems to make sense to me. In that short scene (I think in the second episode) where Eren`s father is riding through the forest, praying that Mikasa, his wife and Eren are safe is where some answers lie. First, that explains why Eren yells at his father that he hasn`t been the same since mother died so from this I gather he found Mikasa and Eren and went a little psycho and resorted to some secret plan that he had kept under wraps. For some reason he felt that Eren was not stable enough (I wonder why) and had his memories confused, gave him that key he`s been flashing around (and Eren didn`t notice it around his neck for years) and promptly disappeared.

So there`s that.

What kind of annoyed me was how everyone just turned on Eren because he came out of a Titan. I mean, at first no one was around so how did that even get out? Everyone else was sworn to secrecy. Maybe one of them let it get out but I don`t see what they could get out of it. If everyone is aware of how much he hates the Titan`s and what he went through 5 years ago why would they think he would go after the humans?

ill kill you
Oh right, that`s why

If the leaders are as greedy and insecure as the have been portrayed, they`d treat Eren like a slave or dog. But nooo, let`s give him the death penalty (first time I watched the preview). Can someone please just step up and smack these people upside the head?

They aren`t acting rationally and their fear is driving them to take action before they can even grasp the situation at hand. I`m guessing the Rivaille and them will come back and knock sense into everyone and then use Eren as a dog. Or watch over him. Just guessing from all the fan art I`ve seen. And Eren will probably be okay with it if it means he gets to kill more Titans.

While we`re talking about Rivaille, I have yet to see what`s so cool about him. Yes, he has had under a minute of screen time but I expect him to be unbelievably cool with the disgusting levels of fangirling that`s been happening. He`s literally got nothing special about him so far except that he likes to twirl while he`s on duty.


I mean, I`ve got the OCD, half opened dull eyes and hyper friends around me that make me seem even more emo. I could pull off the twirls and bam, I`d have people dying over me. Basically, there better be a good reason why he`s getting so much love. He will have to do a lot more than twirl to get me to like him.

The twist at the ending with Eren realizing everything and turning was a nice cliffhanger but again, how do you not notice a key around your neck? I bet after negotiations, he will be sent out to take down Titans or something and he`ll use this to his advantage and get to that damn basement. And it`s kinda cool how he was able to turn into the Titan on command but not be fully formed. I guess that`s what his father meant by learning to control his power.

collosal eren
collosal eren

My idiot of a a brother read all the chapters and is dying to talk to me about it and keeps laughing at all my predictions so we`re going to just stop here today. -_-