Shingeki no Kyojin Ep.8 Eren needs to be on ‘I Shouldn’t be Alive’

By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: I can hear a heart beating: Defense of Trost Pt 4

Plenty of people were speculating that the rogue abnormal was probably Eren and I eventually opened up to the possibility. I didn’t (and still don’t) like  the idea but it seemed more and more likely. A while ago I came across this image and I thought it was cool fanart and nothing more but after watching the 7th episode I saw it again and it all sunk in.


It looks soo awesome

The amazing thing abut this entire episode was that I completely forgot I saw this just the day before (and was completely aware of what was going to happen) but I was still shocked when I saw that little body encased in titan goo.

Initially I wasn’t really in the mood to watch this episode (might have something to do with watching it at 8 am) but I got really into it pretty quickly and I was flailing my arms and yelling as loud as i could without waking up the rents. Just before the rogue Titan was taken down I was so hyped but as soon as they zoomed in on it’s body I was so happy. I think I got more emotional than Mikasa but at the same time I was really mad. I wanted Eren to be alive because I like him but for the story as a whole, him being alive and being a rogue Titan just doesn’t cut it for me. I’m really disappointed.

It’s just so unrealistic and unfair. What are the odds he would come back as a Titan, save everyone and then die only to become his human self with regenerated limbs. To top it off, he comes out looking like a freaking model, swaying his hair around, showing off his perfect face. Not a drop of blood covered it.


I swear in that moment, all the girls wanted to be him and all the guys wanted to be with him. Seriously

I just wanted everyone to die and the revival of Eren is too hopeful.

In all fairness, we don’t actually know much about the Titans (as I mentioned previously) so we can’t be sure how all this happened. I have a theory tough. Starting off with his limbs, the abnormal had the ability to quickly grow back its limbs and since he was the Titan, he was able to grow back his arm and leg. Note that the Titan had it’s arm ripped off and eaten when it died so why did Eren have an arm? Maybe the regeneration began and healed Eren but wasn’t fast enough for the Titan.

But why did Eren become a Titan to begin with? I’m guessing he didn’t rip through the Titan that ate him as I thought he might. Instead, Eren became the Titan after being eaten and because of his hate and determination he was able to control the Titan after being fused (or something) and thus became the rogue. And I’m guessing because he had more willpower than anyone else ever eaten (he had enough time to give a little speech while in a Titan’s mouth, so I’ll just go with it) he was able to fight against other Titans instead of converging to the Titan norms.

Also, because he didn’t have full control of his body, he probably doesn’t know he almost stepped on Mikasa.

Now, when Mikasa sees him, she just holds onto him, nothing makes sense to her but the fact that he’s in front of her and his heart is beating was enough to make her cry and lose all composure. I liked that. She was so shocked and to think, she nearly gave up on life just a few hours if not minutes ago. I just really liked that scene but it makes me feel too many emotions so we’re going to just move on. It was a really well done scene.

Let’s side track for a minute. I love how I said that Eren never actually got to kill a single Titan before he died.


Yeah. I just noticed, that’s one fit Titan

Everything that led to this was just as awesome to watch.

First, Armin puts his skills to work; after saying he doesn’t can’t let his friends get killed or put in anymore danger, he decides its time to tame a titan. That’s Armin for you. But he had an awesome idea, and comes up with another one that pretty much saves everyone’s lives. Well, right after everyone was put at risk of dying. Similarly, Jean is placed in a position where he feels like he’s costing lives but takes action anyway and both of them receive comfort and encouragement which is something uncommon here in the real world. I’m looking forward to what Mikasa will tell Armin and I liked what that guy said to Jean. My only problem with that was they decided to tell each other how important they are and talk feelings when they should be looking forward IN CASE A TITAN TRIES TO GRAB AT THEM. At least Mikasa had the sense to tell Armin later. Honestly, I was so worried Jean was going to die just because he wasn’t paing attention.

I’m looking forward to the next episode because apparently we’re going to find out how Eren became a Titan and everything. I’m really happy he’s back but I also think that if he stayed dead the anime could have done just as well, in short.

Other things:

Reiner is freaking hilarious:

“Or just ram your blade up their assholes”

I just got a new favourite character.

Sasha is so cool and I love how she couldn’t believe she surrendered to a Titan,

“I’m sorry I attacked you”

Author stuff:

Right, so I’ll try to write shorter, more concise posts. I didn’t even cover half of what I wanted. Also my computer has a stupid virus so I have to use this old laptop for everything (including Uni stuff and it’s bloody torture) and I can’t stand watching anime on here. I said I would try out an anime (Blood+) that one of you guys commented, I’ll get to that but I’m currently really limited with what I can watch.

    • striffy
    • May 26th, 2013

    “I swear in that moment, all the girls wanted to be him and all the guys wanted to be with him. Seriously”
    Oh yes. Definitely. Now don’t you dare fix that mistake Arty

    • striffy
    • May 26th, 2013

    Also, him being a titan had nothing to do with willpower. Remember the needle injecting scene with his dad in the basement? (He wasn’t getting OD’d if that’s what you interpreted it as.)

      • Captain Kuroyuki
      • May 29th, 2013

      Just a thought then…(butting into the conversation) how did eren’s dad know how to make him a Titan? I mean he’s a doctor but the army hasn’t found out anything about titans for a century so I can’t see how Eren’s dad knew. Also I re-watched the first three episodes because I was showing my friend and I realised that Eren has a premonition(his dream) right at the start of the first episode about the Titan attack. He has the same premonition type of thing when he sees his dad trying to stick him with a needle, so had that happened or will it happen in the future? By the way I don’t know why Eren didn’t react to the key to the basement suddenly appearing on his neck when in the second episode…

        • striffy
        • May 29th, 2013

        Captain Kuroyuki :

        how did eren’s dad know how to make him a Titan?

        I thought about this too, and so far the only thing I could think up is Eren’s dad is totally not normal. Maybe he’s collected info about the Titans over the years, or something. I know that sounds very unlikely, but I actually found it somewhat convincing when I remembered the way Mikasa’s house was raided by muggers. Remember how Mikasa’s parents said that Eren and his dad would be visiting soon? Maybe the raiders were actually there for Eren’s dad after hearing he had some top class research going on, and this research was completed years later.

        If that’s true, then it makes sense that Eren’s dad injected him with the power to turn into a giant naked muscle man as a sort of insurance (that actually sounds a bit dangerous now that I read over it)- especially if what he was doing was illegal and wouldn’t be approved by the government. So… I don’t know, Eren was kind of like a test run? Maybe insurance?

        I think what you’re referring to as a premonition was actually just a cut shot to the near future when the outer walls are raided- so yes, I believe it has happened. (I’m going to feel like an idiot if everything I said is wrong)

      • okay the thing is, im actually pretty confused about it all because i dont think it’s possible for the doctor to have any info on the titans either. Striffy thinks the people that killed Mikasa’s parents were really after the doctor but they specifically said they wanted Mikasa’s mother. i just cant derive anything from what little we know about his father except that he’ll probably play a climatic role.
        All i know is, the doctor reminds me of Nina’s father (from fma) and that might make things intersting

    • Captain Kuroyuki
    • May 30th, 2013

    Now that I look at Eren’s dad…he does look like someone who would turn his daughter/son into a dog/human hybrid/Titan. The reason why they attacked mikasa’s family is because they were direct descendants from the ‘Orientals’, the first humans. As far as we know Eren’s dad isn’t an Oriental(possibility?), also I still can’t see when Eren’s dad could of jabbed him with a needle either, there was no time gap was there? Btw if Eren as a Titan was ripped what does Eren as a human look like:)

    • No what i think is that this happened when Eren was much younger and so he has no memory of any of this. I also think that his mother wasnt really his biological mother ( he yells that his father hasnt been the same since mother died). And whatever was done to him may have altered his personality and made him how determined he is and such. And maybe eren’s father is an oriental and mikasa’s mother was supposed to marry him originally but they didnt really want to and ended up just being good friends or something. Thats pretty farfetched but its possible, might explain somethings but i dont think the story will go that far (mikasa and her family seemed to live in a pretty isolated location).

    • daflak
    • July 10th, 2013

    “I swear in that moment, all the girls wanted to be him and all the guys wanted to be with him”

    Didn’t you just kinda flip that? not sure if trolling, or actually a delusional yaoi fangirl.

    • Ultimate Otaku
    • May 31st, 2014


    • Ultimate Otaku
    • May 31st, 2014

    This all has me hooked! This is interesting!

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