By: ArtemisDSII

In the 5th episode of Attack on Titan the soldiers in training are given a history lesson on the Titans. I say lesson and not lessons or class because clearly the humans know almost nothing about them. During the lesson I was surprised by how poorly worded it was but I guess it’s supposed to illustrate how in the dark the humans are about the titans.

Hey there
Hey there

We learn that the Titans don’t really need to eat, they don’t go after animals but they just like terrorizing humans. That’s all they can get out of their 100+ years since encountering the Titans. On top of that, they know next to nothing about how they function. The Titans don’t even have genitalia so their method of reproduction is a blur. Basically they’re just walking zombies that get a kick out of eating mini versions of themselves. 

You don’t even taste good but hey, you’re alive and smaller than me. I think i’ll take a bite anyway

Somehow humans figured out their weak point and I think that that is the only real progress mankind has made and not be a pessimist but I don’t think they’ll get past that.

I didn’t really see many people talk about why the hell we were given such a vague description of how they work and their reasoning for going after the humans and that kinda annoyed me. Maybe it’s because everyone just accepted that they’re just zombies or the fact that their bodies sort of disintegrate before we would actually be able to investigate what exactly they’re made of.

Just the way the information was presented seemed really odd to me especially since I find this anime to be so polished. As I said, maybe it was intentional.  Maybe the reason for this ambiguity was so that they could use our lack of understanding to their advantage but I wasn’t really happy with it.