By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: A Small Blade: Defense of Trost Pt 3

This episode is a lot more calm than all the previous ones in my opinion. At the same time it was still a pretty powerful episode. They’ve managed to save all the civilians but now soldiers are stuck with nearly empty gas tanks and the titans continue to advance. So even though they could get out alive, they’ve begun to run out of resources. Mankind just doesn’t get a break.

I loved how a guy calmly and happily took his life. I just found it really captured the level of desperation among some of the soldiers. It just brought another level of realism to the show and I loved it.

‘Just gonna traumatize you a little more before the Titans get at you’

I was a little disappointed again because no one thought of luring in as many titans as they could ( and there were already many) around the storage which contained their gas supply, and just blow it up. I got so excited thinking I was going to see a few explosions but no.  I thought maybe Mikasa or Armin, their top theoretician, would come up with something like this but nope, didn’t happen. It would have been really effective and if they could risk it, they could sneak in the storage unit, get a few gas tanks out to fly people over or have several explosions in the evern that it gets too difficult to handle several Titans all at once.

The absolute worst thing this episode, was when they made it look like Eren was going to come back. Yes, I’m still hung up on that. Seriously, the Titan that comes after Mikasa just made me so angry. First, they show his stomach real quick and then you see a red bood cell and they sort of do that for a bit. I thought, this is it, Eren’s about to rip through the Titan’s stomach and all will be well. Before this I had reasoned with myself why he wouldn’t be coming back and I was ready to move on but they just had to toy with me. Turns out, it was te adrenaline rushing through Mikasa, not Eren coming out alive.

God, it really hurts.

You want to know what’s worse? Eren never actually got a chance to kill a Titan. He went all out on the Colossal Titan but didn’t do much damage at all. He couldn’t stay level headed when the frog Titan ate Thomas in front of him and possibly because of that reason alone, the entire squad, save for Armin, died.

But I think there’s a reason why Eren didn’t get a chance to get any kills in and why he died so early. He riled them up and influenced most of the soldiers around him and that was his purpose. The remaining cast will have to learn to work together and not let his death or that of Thomas or anyone else’s be in vain. They need to learn to work with their strengths together to get anywhere. We see a hint of this when Connie yells to Jean that they need him to lead the soldiers. Jean, who wanted to wimp out and hide behind that fat king, who hated Eren and his guts is being asked in a sense, to take his position. Just on a tangent, I get this incredibly chilling feeling that this may mean that if they actually manage to live through all of this, Jean may have a chance with Mikasa. Sorry, not happening. I don’t get in shipping but hell no, this isn’t happening. Either she stays single since Eren is dead or Armin needs to step his game up. No discussion there.

Anyway, despite the hopeless situation Sasha still tries to get people in the mood to fight and which I thought was pretty cool. My brother and I were talking about just how awesome Sasha actually is, one of our favourites. Honestly, such a cool character. She better not die.

Before all the motivation and working together stuff, Mikasa learns about Eren and I’m not too sure how I feel about her reaction. But what really got to me was that no one, not even lone wolf Annie or Mikasa herself thought he was dead until Armin confirmed it. They all just assumed he would be out helping others or fighting off Titans. No one thought it would happen, not with his determination. It probably hit each one of them hard to hear that the guy that got them motivated to fight and was determined to eradicate all Titans would die before them. In this way, each one of them will probably carry on his desire to act which is the only comfort I have of his dying.

I liked that Armin took the time to mention the names of every soldier in his squad, their full names. I wanted to hear that, it brought a sense of authenticity that I very much appreciated.

After all that, they’re ready to give it their all and Mikasa runs out of gas. That’s where that Titan that I though ate Eren came in. Of course, there was another ‘abnormal’  Titan that sort of saves Mikasa though he almost stepped on her. I think I’ll call this one good looking/fashionable Titan in reference to his hair and teeth. Yeah, I’m running out of names.

Ooh how about, Elvin Sasuke? You see it too, right?

Now, we’ve seen our fair share of abnormals but I think this one’s a little too convenient. He regenerates and doesn’t care for humans but instead likes killing his own kind. It just seems a little much though it’s nice to see some hope for the humans.

I just remembered, I wanted to cal him the cannibal/rogue Titan. There we go.

In the end, I feel like humans should be killed off. I read a review where the author suggested that there must be a reason humans have survived for so long, 100 years isn’t that long (but I guess when you add Titans into the equation, a day is a lot too) and realistically, there isn’t much humans can do. If anything, the Titans are just toying with them but more on that some other time. I’m getting a little tired.

Note: We haven’t posted because Striffy’s got exams and I was feeling a little uh…down. I have labs to prepare for, book reviews I want to write up and some anime reviews I want to put up and recommendations from you guys that I need to check out. So we’re getting busy, we’ll try to post more regularly. Also, I sort of put this off because I kinda had a lot to say and was a little lazy.