By: Striffy

Sadly this message is probably going to get across to only one or two people, not the millions that visit mangafox. But I guess I’ve got to start somewhere. Check out this article from Foolrules.

Anyway the message I want to get across:

  • Scanlators: Hey, when scanlators stop scanlating where do we get our manga from (I’m talking about manga that isn’t licensed and obtainable in other countries- because as a general rule you should try to buy the manga legally) So where do we get our manga from? Sites like Mangafox? WRONG. Sites like Mangafox, Mangahere, Mangarush, and others run by NOEZ are all pretty douchebaggy in certain aspects. Contrary to popular belief Mangafox does NOT create scanlations, scanlating groups do.dying

Here’s what scanlators do:

Buy raws (original Japanese manga), scanning (which is time taking, since they have to debind the manga and scan the goddamn thing PAGE BY PAGE, all the while ensuring quality), translating, cleaning, redrawing, typesetting, quality checking, and then releasing! Sounds like a lot of work right? That’s because it is. Scanlating groups spend time, money, and dedication to bring you manga that you’ll probably never thank them for.

Do they Profit? No, they generally don’t. And if they do make some money off of ads or donations, chances are that a lot of it’s going to be spent for site maintenance and buying raws. (I bring up the fact that scanlators are breaking copyright laws later on in the post and compare it to Mangafox’s style of breaking laws.)

What sites like Mangafox do:

They steal the translated manga from the scanlators without handing credit to them. By accumulating manga stolen from hundreds of groups, they’re able to generate millions of views on their site. Mangafox is the 1241st top visited site in the world. They literally make hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits for doing damn near nothing. They benefit from ads. They don’t respect the scanlators’ wishes, they no longer take down mangas upon their scanlators requests, they sell products and gain money from work scanlators did, and they add “Mangafox” watermarks to the chapters- leading readers to believe that they are the source of the scanlated manga- which they aren’t. And obviously, they’re profiting from work that they don’t even legally own.


What we can do in order to not be assholes

Visit the frikken scanlators’ site. At the end of each chapter they usually add a page mentioning their group name and site url. If that doesn’t make sense to you, you can easily find out the source of the manga scanlations by visiting Baka/Mangaupdates (awesome site by the way). If you’re too lazy to do that (which still makes you a bit of an asshole) or if the scanlators site doesn’t have an online reader, read on Batoto (which is generally not hated by scanlators). (Adblock’s good if you’re not going to ditch MF)

Better yet, buy the manga (if applicable). This is the best thing to do, plus it supports the actual creators, which is usually the aim of scanlators- to spread the manga and therefore draw more attention to it.

Why Batoto’s awesome

Batoto acknowledges the scanlators, they do not watermark, they respect the scanlation teams and allow them to easily access, upload, or take down their mangas, and the best: donations to Batoto are used for web hosting and the rest of the money’s sent to scanlation teams (which they can spend on raws and other stuff).

In the word of FoOlRulez:

If you are a reader, come to scanlators. We’re not just amateurs, and we’re really happy if you ask us help in finding the best quality releases. Populate our IRCs, spam in our forums and in our blogs, ask us anything. That’s how we roll. And survive.


Avoid reading on Mangafox, Manghere, or any other site run by NOEZ (or at least use Adblock when on their sites). Read on the scanlators sites using their online reader, be sure to thank them for taking their time to friggen scanlate, and if not that, read on Batoto. It’s okay to spend a couple of minutes getting the hang of it- it’s worth it if you don’t want more scanlating groups dying off. Buy the manga instead of reading it online. Spread the word.

—>Also, I’m aware that scanlators are breaking copyright laws by scanlating, but MangaFox is breaking the copyright laws, stealing the work from scanlators and taking credit for it, AND trying to make money off of it. Either way we’re wading through dirty grounds, but personally I’d rather stick to the lighter shades of grey than the darker ones.