By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: The World She Saw

I’m really happy with this episode. I knew there had to be a reason Mikasa took up most of the ending theme. But first, I’d like to focus on Armin a little. For like half a second i thought, wait so he imagined it all? But no, of course not. I felt so bad for him but at least he said he’s fall back, possibly where he’ll be the most useful at this time. I spoke to Striffy for a bit and apparently Armin’s getting some hate on the internet and I think that’s really stupid. You can’t blame a kid that was pushed around all his life to not freak out when everyone around him suddenly starts dropping faster than dominoes. Yes, Eren saved him even though he was injured but that’s different. They’ve got really different personalities. This brings back what I mentioned earlier, Armin isn’t nearly as useful on the front lines as he would have been as a strategist (and maybe then they’d actually have a battle plan).

It’s ok, I felt the same way when I learned the world was full of shit.

I stand by what I said, he’s an idiot for actualy getting on the battlefield, I guess this was God’s way of teaching him a lesson. Now he won’t just follow his friends…if they even survive this episode of chaos. Regardless, his reaction to everything was understandable. I wonder how he managed to get away when a Titan was just about to eat him at the ending of the last episode, that’s what I want to find out.

Before we address Mikasa Le Badass Ackerman (yes, we’ll be calling her by her full name from now on), there are a few other things I wanted to mention. First, that old married couple? Yeah I kinda wish I didn’t wish they died. It was sort of sad but also necessary. It was part of God’s way of showing Armin, ‘next time stick to your strengths’.

And, I get the feeling all the Titans they come across are ‘abnormal’. So far, we’ve got the fleshy titan, the armoured titan, the frog titan and now the one that runs like a gay penguin. Where are normal ones at?

Okay so I think in a way the episode was about Mikasa Le Badass Ackerman and Armin realizing that the strong will prey on the weak and this will continue to happen. The only thing you can try to change is who you are in the big picture, the bully or the bullied, predator or prey. It kinda reminds me of a grim pep talk I had with my cousin a while back.. Point is, they’ll probably try harder now, especially Armin. It’s kinda harsh watching Mikasa Le Badass Acerman slice through Titan’s after watching the last episode. I love how the elite, with a lot more experience than Mikasa Le Badass Ackerman (they seemed older than her) couldn’t even catch up to the gay penguin (oh and they had to have him crush someone as he ran for the civilians) but she comes out of nowhere and takes care of him like she did in practice.


When we get that flash back of Mikasa Le Badass Ackerman and we hear the knock on the door, I knew what was going to happen. What I didn’t expect was her mother getting hacked. Oh and I thought I saw some substance, maybe a piece of her father’s guts as the man pulled the knife out of Mikasa Le Badass Acerman’s father. Also, it makes sense that she’s a part of some mysterious Oriental clan thing, she’s way too cool to be normal (guess they couldn’t pick a better name?). Hopefully there are some interesting connections to be made in the future regarding her clan.

I liked the way she came to realized how common and necessary death was. She needed to kill to live so she killed, even if it felt wrong; in the end it’s either you or the other guy. It’s a bitter truth we all to some degree are forced to accept.

kill or be killed

We get a little (just a little) insight on Eren’s nature and tendency to lean toward justice and why Mikasa Le Badass Ackerman are so close. His parents were obviously doing it right, having a kid that believed so strongly about life and death, good and evil and acting upon it at such a young age. He seems like a really strong character so maybe, I don’t want to say it, that’s why he died pretty early on. I still think he’s coming back though. Yes, Eren was a little creepy with how he dealt with the murderer’s was awesome.

Also, I’m willing to bet Mikasa Le Badass Ackerman will never throw that scarf away when she learns…I mean, no there’s nothing that’ll come up that…EREN ISN’T DEAD.


This post was kinda everywhere…I was actually putting off watching this episode and when I eventually changed my mind, I was so ecstatic. Yelling like a lunatic and all, now I have to wait another week for the next episode -_-