By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: Tuesday of Turbulence II

I was holding my head while watching the episode because it was so boring. Seriously, it kills me. Had I not paid much attention to the opening and ending theme I would have dropped this already. I also noticed that something semi interesting actually happens but only at the end of the episode which is the only other reason I’ll probably watch the next episode.

There’s still not enough information about so many different aspects of the show still. And like before, they isolate the few important characters so blatantly we might as well not have any other characters. Alcor says, it’s the first time all three of us are here together even though there’s a good number of people all around them.

Also, I don’t like that old married couple, Airi and Jungo or whatever their names are. Their even more flat then Nitta. Daichi’s on another level with his determination to stick by Hibiki’s side but inability to follow through at all. And did we really need Nitta to sway dramatically and yell no?


More importantly, the former detective said that they had stronger demons than the people at JPs and if according to a previous commentator, the strength of you demon depends on your ‘will’ how poorly funded is the JPs human resource department? Seriously, get on that. But my theory is that the former detecitve is just smart and gets to all the people with ‘potential’ before Yamato does or drags them away.

And Yamato’s ability to harness the power of that thing that didn’t even reveal itself? How is that something that runs in his bloodline, what is he half human half robot? This is such horse shit right now.

I think I mentioned before that I liked the animation (especially for the themes, it’s awesome) but I didn’t like it this time around and it seemed slow too.

The final thing that really took the cake for me was the fact that this group, that is based against JPs just let’s Daichi and Nitta (who are from JPs) waltz right into their base and two random people talk about whether it’s safe to let them in and the guy says they’re Hibiki’s friends so it’s fine. Can I just emphasize that hibiki just dumped JPs because he heard from a complete stranger that Yamato was bad news? I don’t think you should just trust hibiki’s friends and not to mention Hibiki himself. And the dude shrugs it off saying he’s going to get coffee. What??

Highlight of the episode: When Daichi gets mad and starts shaking Hibiki till that damned rabbit thing falls off.


I am so done with this anime right now. It took me the entire day to get myself to watch it. I was dreading it, it was that bad. I’m really disappointed with the show at this point but my stupid tendency to want to finish an anime once I have started it is forcing me to watch this *cough* let’s not talk about Unlimited, Magi *cough.*