By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: First Battle: Battle of Trost District, Part 1

Okay look, I’m going to be completely honest here. I watched the episode a couple hours earlier but I couldn’t get myself to write about it because it was just so…hard. Nevertheless, I have a lot to say about what happened and a point I wanted to raise from episode 4.

First of all, I refuse to believe Eren is dead. Does not compute, sorry. I couldn’t believe it, I thought he must be dreaming. I would be half okay if he suddenly woke up and this was all a dream. I don’t want him to not have a leg and arm. Someone pointed out that he’s a lot like Edward Elric and I laughed but it’s still not ok.

In the episode he swears at Mikasa and I thought it was really out of character seeing as how much they both care for each other so much. I came across another person that felt the same way and even posted a translation of the manga where he says ‘That’s enough, Mikasa,’ which is a lot more like him in my opinion.

she looked a little vulnerable here but I get why

Getting to more serious events of the episode, I really hated the way Eren lost his leg but the fact that he managed to get up and save Armin in that pain is crazy. When he was trying to keep the tian from closing his mouth and decided to have a chat with Armin about feeling and such I got really annoyed, save the guy talk for later damnit. And then, the damn Titan’s mouth closes and his arm is flung toward Armin. I can’t even begin to comprehend why they needed to add that extra bit. It hurt, a lot. At the same time, it was so raw and powerful I loved it. 

I tried pretending he hadn’t lost his leg. Had to face reality though when his arm went flying

Everything was happening so fast like it naturally would but I had a lot of problems with the lack of strategy in arranging forces and what not. First of all, Mikasa and the elite should have been on the front lines dealing with the titans not the weak soldiers. The reasoning of the officer was that they needed to evacuate safely but if we had the elite dealing with Titans then they wouldn’t get to close to the civilians trying to escape. My brother and I quickly concluded that this poor strategy is probably based off their decoration of a king. It’s funny because I imagined the king to be exactly the way they showed him, weak, afraid and fat. Also, if the commander is going to do as he likes and seems smart too, why the hell are they still following poor strategies.

Is it just me or do we always need that lost doll in every show/movie where there’s panic and chaos? It’s like when you see it, you know a lot of people are about to lose their lives.


Back to strategy, can we stop using cannons at the top of towers? Okay thanks. It would be a hell of a lot smarter if they had cannons at around the height of the Titans in order to actually get a few hits on them. And it would help if everyone was aware of some sort of emergency exit in case their lives are threatened you know? It would reduce the work of a lot of soldiers and we could focus on the Titans themselves.

It just doesn’t make sense to me why no one is out there questioning the lack of organization here especially when they lost so much only 5 years ago.

Final thing, I still think Eren will get out alive, somehow. He was swallowed whole, besides the arm and leg so he could rip the titan apart from the inside. Even if he’s in excruciating pain, he held the mouth open even with a broken leg so it’s still possible. And help will come, the entire squad is about to die, there’s no way they’ll let that happen.

That reminds me, Armin. i get he wants to defeat the Titans with Eren and all but it would be a lot more effective if he didn’t fight on the front lines. Like Eren said, he would be more useful elsewhere, maybe coming up with better evacuation strategies and offensive formations. See what I’m hinting at here?

Regardless, I’m looking forward to the next episode and will not read the manga because I’d like to be punched in the gut in one swift movement, thanks.