By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: Tuesday of Turbulence I

I feel like the show took too big a dive right in the beginning and it just never bothered resurfacing. I don’t like how anything is going especially because I really don’t like Hibiki. Forget character development, why is he wearing that stupid hood? It’s killing me.

Stay back everyone, we’ve got the most powerful summoner here. He also cosplays as a bunny in his spare time

There’s been no explanation as to why Hibiki can summon two powerful demons. All we know is that it’s something amazing, I think we can see that but what makes him able to summon in the first place. It’s so stupid. There’s no criteria, not even the cheesy, ‘he has will power,’ stuff either and even if they did say that it wouldn’t make sense because he hasn’t shown any more determination than anyone else. He just got lucky and maybe feels like he has more responsibility but that’s nothing since he doesn’t do anything.

And HOLY FUDGE SICKLES, why are they panting?? It ticks me off so much. Literally, Nitta summoned her demon and the demon did it’s thing and then it was over. But for some reason Nitta is out of breath. Why?  I will only be satisfied if we learn that summoning demons takes up their life force or something as dramatic. But if that’s the case, it should have been mentioned earlier.

In the episode we get a little background on the people of JP’s and Alcor. The way they presented it all was so out of place and disoriented, i didn’t like watching it and I’m normally all about the background story. First of all, Alcor is probably some sort of demon that’s in control of that killing device. And Yamato is a prick. Basically, he thinks power is everything which reminds me of Artemis Fowl but Artemis pulls it off way better. No discussion there.

I’m not really to sure but the way I see it is that Yamato may be the eventual antagonist and Alcor may be end up being an innocent…or at least not as evil.

And I need to talk about the scene right here.


I’m glad they’re not being completely useless and trying to take action but what is up with the awkward flapping arms thing. You’re in a war zome, why are you acting like an idiot? Is this supposed to make light of the situation? Or am I supposed to laugh because it’s so kawii? Even Daichi was pretty normal. I get it, you’re putting your hands up so you don’t get killed but don’t you have demons that you JUST summoned?

I also think they introduced so many characters a little too late and all at once.

One last thing, actually two. First, Putting Yamato next to a chessboard doesn’t make him look smarter. Come on, it was so out of place. And second, what’s with this stupid power struggle? I knew this was going to happen, this is all secondary to some game Yamato and Alcor are playing over deciding what’s more important and everything else is secondary.

Whatever, this is starting to annoy me and I really want to drop it. Honestly, the only thing that keeps me going is the awesome opening.