By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: Night of the Disbanding: Restoration of Mankind Part 2

I had the chills again, right at the ending. Wow, literally everything’s set. they’re in high spirits and then there’s an attack right away. It was so awesome and it actually scared me a bit because I wasn’t expecting anything to just pop out of no where. Oh my lord, I loved the way it was done in the end.  They froze up which was only natural, but they got right down to action after that.


Maybe it was a little unrealistic though. You know, how they didn’t hear the footsteps of the Colossal titan at the edge of the gate when 5 years ago it could be felt from inside the city. But ignoring that, I would say this episode was freaking awesome.

First, I love that we learned more about the characters and their fighting styles. It was a quick way to get some background on them which was really useful. Honestly, at this point I think I’m in love with most of these characters. I can’t get over how cool they are. And by the way, was there ever any doubt that Mikasa was going to come out on Top? Yeah didn’t think so.

I really like the lesson Annie taught Reiner and Eren, at first I thought Reiner just wanted to see Eren get a beating…and then I though Eren wanted to watch someone else get beat up after. Turns out they were just both pissed.

hahah you can tell eren is pissed


But Annie brought up a huge flaw in the system that everyone has ignored for too long. I think the reason no one has really questioned why the strongest people get to hide away from the titans is because of the hope of security the option of joining the military corps provides. Even though it’s really just temporary no one really realizes it.

One thing that’s bothering me Eren’s father, where the hell is he at? We still haven’t heard from him even though he went after them when the wall was destroyed 5 years ago. It doesn’t make sense for them to no have given us more information on it. I’m looking forward to hearing more from him and like i mentioned in an earlier post, I really hope they have to get to their old house for whatever’s in the basement. Just saying.

On a less serious note, I hate jean so much. Check out this photo set. I love how Jean gets so pissed when Mikasa steps in and only looks at Eren. I love it so much but I don’t think Eren got it right when he thought he was letting off steam but the misunderstanding was still important because of the realization it gave him.

Also, Sasha and her food.

But I liked how she got her act together and saved Samuel when he was just about to fall to his death. That’s what I was hoping to see. I just hope he’s okay and doesn’t get killed because of his injury.

And, the random married couple that pissed Eren off?

i felt his rage

Yeah that was my face too. It was so ugly and random. The only light hearted moment that didn’t do it’s job for me. It kinda creeped me out a little actually.

All in all, I’m still very impressed with the show and I seriously can’t wait. Thankfully because I watched it only just now, I only have to wait a few more days.