By: Striffy

Swimming Anime and Why it’s good news for us fans

When I saw the first promotional clip airing around March 6th I laughed and choked a bit. Then I rewatched the ad and decided, “Hey, this is going to get legions of fangirls and it’s going to become an anime”. Which is exactly what happened.

I’ve got a lot to say about this development, primarily regarding the fact that us anime fans around the world were able to reach out to the studio and possibly even affect their decision in what kind of show they’ll be making. Now I know that sounds like a generic and simple-minded comment (which it somewhat is), but get this, it’s a bit difficult to support the shows we’re watching when DVDs and Blu-rays sell chiefly in Japan. Us anime fans world-wide hardly have a say in what’s produced and often contend ourselves with streaming or purchasing whatever’s on Crunchyroll or Funimation.

Swimming Girls
Stop whining guys


But seeing Swimming Anime (which is easier to say than whatever name it’ll have) come into existence as an actual thing- I can’t perceive this is as a bad thing. Crunchyroll started a petition on and rallied up around 19000 signatures in favor of Swimming Anime coming into production. Did they listen? Oh hell yes they did. Which just goes to show fan-empowerment for you (or should I say fangirl empowerment?). This gives me hope that in the future more anime will be produced with international fans kept more in mind. Shows aimed with Western audiences in mind (for example) would be a good way to increase interest in anime, and the more anime for me, the better.

Whining Losers On the Sidelines

Excuse me for my ground breaking statement, but it must be made: Several anime fans are really just horny. That is all.

We all know it too. It’s the reason Nami’s bust size keeps inreasing.

Here’s when it was small.

And due to the excessive hormones seeping out from anime fans, otaku-pandering anime aren’t exactly new to us. It’s gotten to the point that panty-shots are our bread and butter, breast physics is an evolved science standing alongside neurology, and you can expect a shower or Hot Spring scene before or after the Beach Episode. And this is in the normal shows. Other than that you’ve got at least half a dozen shows per season aimed directly at male and lesbian audiences under hentai, ecchi, and harem.

Needless to say this leaves most female fans slightly irked. It’s true that the industry throws them a bone every now and then, but most of the time it’s a shitty reverse harem otome adaptation with a female replaceable by a potato for all her she’s worth. Hell, most of the time the fans would rather than see the guys get it on than wonder why the hell the potato of an MC has so many goddamn bishies lusting after her in the first place. And to add fuel to the flame almost all MC’s in reverse harems are goody two shoes with personalities so “pure” it aches. Of course no one’s going to be able to relate to Ms.Mary Sue.

You can replace her with a potato and I doubt it would cause any significant change to the show.

The result is angry fan girls, who move on to piss off the male audiences, who go on and insult the females. In the end you get the guys side which has guys who either (a) don’t give a shit (b) think all females are fujoshis (c) call all anime guys “gay” for looking good and label the show as fujoshit (d) genuinely believe they’re deprived of fanservice:

“What the hell are you talking about? Girls get all the fanservice animes, boys barely get to see chicks get it on while you girls have animes like Togainu no Chi.” -Idiot from Youtube

The point of the previous 4 paragraphs? It’s freaking fun watching KyoAni do something aimed at females. Several male fans are lashing out as though being denied their birth-given right, others are questioning their sexuality, there are those that are interested, and others don’t really give a crap. On the females side you’ve got the happy yaoi fangirls (the show isn’t going to be yaoi, by the way), happy regular fangirls (yay abs, or something), and others, who don’t really give a shit. It’s fun watching everybody get so riled up over one show. It’s a big thing. A studio that produces shows primarily aimed at males has moved on to include female audiences as well. Haters are hating, and we’re seeing just how immature so many of us are.

I can already here another dimension threatening to explode with the number of fanfics currently being penned for Swimming Anime.

Also, I apologise if half of what I said made no sense. It was around 3am when I typed this up.

Oh and will I watch it? I’ll probably drop it along the way. Hardly any of the KyoAni titles have ever retained my interest and this’ll probably be the same. For me it was never really about Swimming Anime- it’s about what it represented.