By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: 2nd Day Monday of Upheaval III

I think Hibiki is a down right idiot for just running into the battlefield when it’s clear he can control the demon from afar  He’s too reckless, it’s worse then Naruto because Naruto was actually useful still. And I don’t get why JP’s doesn’t get it’s people to work out a little, they’re always panting.

We finally meet Alcor so i’m just going to rant about him a bit here. What the hell is up with his damn eyes? It creeps me out and it’s just so wrong. Maybe they’re trying to hint that his hair is naturally white unlike Yamota. Or maybe Alcor is more dedicated is what they’re hinting at. I bet that’s it! he’s more dedicated to ‘saving the world’ he went to extremes and this caused conflict between the two friends as their ideals differentiated and eventually came at odds. No?

so complex i dont know what msg theyre trying to send
I’m pretty sure that’s what they’re trying to say.

It was an incredibly stupid idea to send so many summoners to the front when most of them probably had little training and were just running around like idiots. They could have been more strategic about it and lost fewer people. Even if it was short notice they should have a back up plan available at all times. Yamato mentioned a useless/pathetic government but I don’t see them doing a better job.

Let’s back track a little, where have all the civilians disappeared? I wanna see more people dying and innocent people in desperate and deadly situations. Oh and what’s up with the entire population squeezing into one church?

And Nitta is starting to get more and more annoying. She refuses to stop making awkward noises and now a lot of the other characters are following suit. Thanks for that. But seriously, I find her incredibly annoying and even now she isn’t doing much. She just temporarily filled in for Hibiki and when he got back from being really useless she stepped to the side again.

Basically, I’m not really liking the anime. I do like it but it’s not one where you should think too much while watching. I feel like it’s a show you just watch and ignore the specifics. I don’t know, that’s just me. But, as I mentioned in the last DS2 post, I love the opening. Actually, the ending op is pretty good too though I almost never listening to closings.

Other things I wanted to mention:

  • They just left his body there (Keita). We’ve got some real great people on our hands here. The could have at least buried him or something or was it left at that because he’s coming back?
  • How important is Hibiki that he can’t even hold a phone himself while talking to the chief?