By: Striffy

Everyone’s so BYUUTIFUL!!~~~ (sorry, I just had my last exam. I’m a bit happy right now.)

But no, really. Everyone’s freaking gorgeous in this. The pretty colors and pretty people aren’t really that hard on the eyes.

Wow. There’s a big difference between blogging something DEEP and intelligent compared to blogging about something that’s simply entertaining. Karneval appears to be the latter. Not that I really mind though, it’s pleasant enough that I haven’t dropped it. The last ep was really boring but this one was actually pretty good.

It’s good we found out that Nai’s actually a little furball, since it suits his personality more and I feel compelled to forgive his previous actions/inactions/stupidity. Artemis you should forgive him too. Go on. Forgive him. However due to this development I think I can wave goodbye to interesting chemistry and character dynamics. It’s alright. I already expected this.

So in this ep. we find out:

  • Tumblr overreacts to everything. Everyone chill out, this isn’t a yaoi. Stop freaking out, insecure boys, and calm the hell down, insane fangirls.
  • Though I mean, whatever, ship who you like, have fun, but don’t scare away potential fans. The more the merrier.
  • Actually it is yaoi. I lied.
S–Striffy– you could’a warned me– bakemono!!

One of my main problems for this show is like, bro, we’ve got a huge cast: we have: the blond girl, the girl who hates her and has an annoying voice, the blond guy (Yogi- I like this one), the puffball kid, the hobo bishie mechanic who’s also a tsundere, the top hat guy, the pink doctor, the other gay doctor from the first ep and his old guy, the new glasses kid, the short-red-hair guy, and the guy who makes out with his ring.

So yeah. That’s it. Also:

I’m such a jerk. I laughed at this.