By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: Monday of Upheaval II

Is it just me or do I keep seeing different anime in this anime. First the whole summoning and dueling type method of fighting like that of Yu-Gi-Oh and Digimon and this guy that looks like Toshiro starts running around. He’s got the look and attitude. I was browsing the internet and someone pointed out he looks like Regis from what i’m assuming they were talking about, Noblesse which is actually is a pretty close match if you ask me. There’s even an underdressed woman to take over for Matsumoto.

keito toshiro

He’s a lot more reckless and annoying though. But i didn’t expect him to actually die right in the same episode he appeared in. I’m pretty sure he’ll be coming back though, it only makes sense that he does.

One thing that probably got a lot of attention was Daichi randomly blushing when Hibiki said he would protect them. Even I had to rewind and only then did I noticed that nitta was blushing too. I just started laughing because, wth? It was so random. Completely pointless and out of nowhere.


The best scene though was when Daichi’s monsters turned out to be wimps.

On a more serious not though, I didn’t expect to see much blood because of the feel of the anime so far but I was pleasantly surprised. Same goes with the brutal death Keita was originally to face. Now if they showed that actually happen, that would be pretty. One thing that really annoys me though is how they show the guys panting as if they’re the ones actually fighting the battle. They show a couple of them catching there breath trying to make it seem dramatic when no, it’s not. You’e all just really unfit.

The plot twist at the end was pretty good but it didn’t really surprise me. I’m hoping for it to get better though. I don’t think this anime will be that great but I’m probably going to keep watching it anyway.

Oh and I really like the opening, it’s kinda happy which isn’t normally my cup of tea but I have to say I find it really entertaining to listen to.