By: Striffy

First and foremost let’s get this out of the way:

Okama1LOLOkama LOL

Well, now that that’s out of the way. Woah. What the hell is wrong with this show? Why does this have so many fangirls?

(Also, I don’t give a crap that I didn’t write the whole title)

I— I just don’t get it. Like holy crap, I’ve seen girls all over tumblr and the net proclaiming their love for their show and how it’s the best thing ever, but I don’t understand. Yes, it’s got bishies, but so did Hakkenden, and Hakkenden doesn’t sell the way Uta no Prince Sama does. In fact, shows like Hakkenden are far superior to this: at least it has an interesting plot and bishies with actual personalities– and ones that aren’t cardboard cutouts and stereotypes, by the way.

Damn, I guess it’s just the fanservice that makes it incredibly popular, since there’s no way Nanami (soulless alien eyes) and her inner thoughts and captivating personality attracts viewers. Same goes for the bishies (they’re all pretty empty too). In fact, I don’t even understand why the hell the main girl exits, let’s be honest- she has a lot of haters. And anyway the fangirls are their for the (soulless personality-less) guys.

Fatty Dance
They were kind of like this. But not as hot.

Nonetheless I shall never come to understand this things popularity. Oh, and I have no intention of blogging about it, by the way. I just saw my sis watching this and I got curious. And my main problem with this show is that it’s not actually good material, yet it’s pretty damn popular. No- I’m not being sexist- I’m completely fine with fanservice for the ladies, but with the shoujo genre already containing very few anime, it’s upsetting to see it get cluttered with uninspired shows like this.

Oh, also, whether you be a guy or a girl: I dare you to watch the first two minutes of the show. Without laughing. 

Let me know if you win or lose the challenge, but do try to enjoy what you see.

And you can’t unsee what you see. Just a warning.