By: ArtemisDSII

I rewatched the first episode with my cousin and it was just as good as the first time i watched it. it had the same effect on me. I had to wait so damn long for a subtitled version and when we watched it…just wow. It was so well done and it made me really feel what was going on. it made me so angry and sad about everything happening but I loved it.

Okay, first off the opening is so damn good. You’ll learn soon enough that opening themes are a big deal for me and this one get a full score from me.


I like how pretty much everything is so realistic, from the attitudes of the guards and the desperation of the survivors to Eren’s rage. This episode was too awesome for me, I had to give myself the night to sleep over it so I can’t really remember any problems I had with the episode but it’s not like there were many to begin with.

That scene when that damned giant decided to run through a second wall was so epic but I just hoped he wouldn’t actually do it. Like i suspected, there are many walls but what I don’t get is why the titan didn’t just keep going all the way to the center of the town. It’s crazy though because now they have infiltrated two zones and it’s going to be really hard protecting people and getting any survivors back.

I’m more interested in Eren, Armin and Mikasa. Since they decided to join the army it seems about 5 years have passed from the first episode. I assumed they were all around 13 years old and so they’d be 18 now because it doesn’t make much sense that they’d go ahead and let a 12 year old join the military. It was so cool seeing them matured in the army, they really didn’t look like 15 year olds. They looked so cool and it just made me want to see what comes next so bad. I can’t wait for their first fight with a titan and omgbzseufbejskfg

*clears throat*

There is no way mankind will win. They can’t just suddenly be able to take out all the titans in even say 100 years (and if they do, it’s all thanks to a couple of teens that need to step up and take care of those that should have been taking care of them). There’s no way Eren will actually survive long enough to take out even a tenth of them with how many there seemed to be. Maybe he’ll take out many or the most out of all the military or something but it won’t last. I can just tell they’re going to make the ending really cruel in that at least two of these people will die. It just won’t be real enough otherwise. Maybe one or two of them will be crippled but then at least one will die. I was debating with my cousin who will end up dead and we just couldn’t decide. Obviously I don’t want any of them to die but I also can’t wait for it to happen.

I think Armin’s going to go through some serious growing up and confrontation at some point. i’m really interested to see how he changes throughout the show. Just putting that out there.

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