By: Striffy 

I apologize for having died off for the last three weeks, but with exams, no Psycho-Pass and randomly chosen 500-page novels, I was kind of busy. So at the moment: Karneval. I think I’m going to blog this just for the kicks and drop it if it gets crappy.

STEP AWAY FROM THE CHILD STEP AWAY. We need an adult here!

I expected next to nothing from the first ep, since I checked out the manga and got tired within pages, however I was pretty pleased with the first episode. The animation was surprisingly good and so was the direction. I didn’t get bored at all.

Since I’m writing this a week late and no one’s reading this anyway I’ll keep it short and move on to ep.2 ASAP.

Two cool for school~~

My main problem with this show is that I know it’s going to end up being poorly done. There’s going to be no complexity, no originality, and two-dimensional characters with boring relationships. I mean how interesting can character dynamics get if one of your main characters is a blank shota capable of only semi-intelligent thought? I want depth but I severely doubt I’ll be getting any from this show. In the meantime I’ll just enjoy it for what it is.

Plus points for attractive character designs, nice visuals and good horror from the weird lady, minus because she was a creepy pedo.