By: ArtemisDSII

Episode 2: Monday of Upheaval-1

I love how at the beginning of the theme song when they’re showing everyone’s face flash on the screen they all look dead or bored.

So this episode had a lot less action which I expected but was still a little disappointed about.

Up and til the very ending of the episode I was kinda pissed thinking they were going to make Saichi and Nitta just side characters. I found that it didn’t make sense that they just spoke with Hibiki about summoning demons when they did as well. You can’t just do that when Daichi seems like he’s going to be a funny character..

I didn’t like how only Nitta was the one wailing about her family dying and everyone else was completely cool about it. Daichi who seems to be interested in her didn’t even show any remorse. That’s definitely how you get you girl. And is it just me or is it damn annoying heard her make awkward sounds as she was reading those boards? Completely unnecessary man.

I can’t get over how it’s always high school students or kids that need to save the world. And for some reason the general lady thought Hibiki wouldn’t be a threat at all even after she pretty much took him hostage. As they walk to the door where they meet the kid that seems to be in a higher position than general lady Hibiki’s walking next to her like it’s all sunshine and daisy’s outside. That’s another thing, this guy is acting like Yoshino (from Zetsuen no Tempest), no emotion. Okay, you can see hints of emotion here and there but for someone that’s just been dragged into this world he’s weirdly calm.

Oh and apparently Hibiki’s got a white version of himself walking around.

freaky eyes

Probably my favourite thing about the episode was how the people around them when the demon attacked witnessed it all and we actually got to see their completely baseless reactions. how often does the good guy get seen doing weird shit like summoning demons and then protecting people against them? Finally.