By: ArtemisDSII

Overall rating: 7.5/10

Wondering if you should try it out? Definitely go for it

I thought this anime was so well done. The animation itself was superb (do people even say that anymore?). The thing that got to me throughout the anime was how incredibly weird I felt watching it.


Many scenes in the anime I was actually kinda lost. I wasn’t sure why things were happening or why they didn’t happen differently. I understood Samon perfectly when he was trying to figure out how and why a random girl’s death played such a huge role in the destruction of the world. I understood that there had to be a reason she kept coming up besides her having a mysterious boyfriend but that isn’t really confirmed till the last few episodes.

So that kept me from watching it for a while because it seemed like there was too much talking when there should have been more fighting in certain episodes. 

Besides that, I hated the way Mahiro was treated and how he ended up with almost nothing except a random girl he might date. He seemed like such a cool character and there just wasn’t enough of him in the anime. He had his serious anger issues but he really pulled everything together and he’s also really smart, something that’s overlooked because Yoshino keeps trying to be relevant.

‘breaking it is instantaneous and flashy but rebuilding it is dull, boring and lengthy’

He seemed like the only one that still cared deeply about the future of the world and not about just saving it. Everyone else wanted to just go on and live peaceful lives and we’ve got him setting a goal of recreating the world.

I mean, the least that could have been done was for Yoshino to die and him ending up with Hakaze rather than some random girl that was never seen or mentioned before. He seemed like a father overlooking the rest. he lead the battle, watched over Aika, got shit done and in the end looks after Yoshino despite him being with her.


Okay besides Mahiro, I liked a lot of the characters and found them pretty interesting. I think Hakaze played a major role in the central theme of the anime, blind faith. The entire anime to me was about religion and people that don’t question anything and what happens when your god, your savior, becomes your enemy i.e turns out to be the wrong path.

Hakaze went through a lot of confusion only to have turn against everything she believed in. in this way you could say Aika was her folly, satan but it turned out that she came from her god and was supposed to actually show her the light in a sense. I wouldn’t even say she played satan, she just played a role from a different and object point that got her thinking. It all makes sense in my head okay? Leave me alone.

In this way, I found Aika to be incredibly bland and dull and Hakaze much more interesting. Though I did like Aika in the end, she still wasn’t a favourite. All she did was play a role set out for her and in that way I pity her.

Besides the story line and all, I found the openings to be epic. The make feel all the feels. They’re just so good and personally for me I pay a lot of attention to openings. It gets me more interested in the anime. The first one sounded a little odd the first time I listened to it but the second time I was hooked. Even the endings were pretty good and I normally don’t pay much attention to them.

I’ll probably look at some of the characters in a little more depth in the future because I found some aspects of certain characters really interesting. Specifically, Hanemura and obviously Mahiro among others.

Edit: I completely forgot the absolute best thing about this anime, it had a complete ending. Though it wasn’t the ending I wanted, it was well done. unlike other shows where you just hear talk of hope and the future you actually see things happening. They all are moving on with their lives and taking the next steps. It just made this anime all the more better.