By: ArtemisDSII

Holy freaking shit. That was without a doubt possibly the most emotional first episode. I finished watching it 5 minutes ago and I can still feel the shivers. Never have I ever empathized with a character right off the first episode. Wow.  I have high hopes for this anime.

First off, I loved how in the ending, even when she wants her kids (I think the girl is adopted) to run away, when they’re far enough she whispers ‘don’t go.’ I loved that, it showed she didn’t want to die, she had some hope that somehow she’d be able to get out of this mess with them in stead of dealing with her incredibly sad end.

I hate how Mikasa and Eren watched it all happen; there’s no way they’ll be stable after that gruesome scene. Not to say it was great entertainment but damn how old are they anyway? Maybe around 13 I think. i imagine that Eren will have to return at some point to find what’s hidden in his father’s basement. I expect something plot turning obviously.

some scary thing is about to go down

I love the idea, partially just because of the mention of titans. I’d be more for it if they can mix in some Roman/Greek mythology.

I found it kinda weird how at the beginning the soldiers that return from outside decide to give the old lady her son’s arm in remembrance of him. I mean, you could have given a heads up or something couldn’t you?

oh shit
on the bright side, she won’t have to mourn over him for too long.

And that kid, Armin, I bet he’s going to be freaking awesome and go through a lot too. He seems like a cool dude. If he happens to die though…that would suck.

people like him
you go kid

Oh one more thing, I liked how Eren compared all of them to livestock and how no one took him seriously. Look at them now.

Seriously looking forward to the next episode.