By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: To each, Their Own Tale

Okay that, was just awesome.

First off, we already get a hint that Mahiro already will get a little head start on his plans for the world when Evangeline metnions Hayakwa. And can I just say, I feel like Mahiro was watching over not just Hanemura but Yoshino and the rest as well.

And his reactions to Aika’s message was freaking hilarious. First he freaks out when he realizes Yoshino is going to view the files and then hilarity ensues. First off, can we just appreciate how satisfied Mahrio looks when Aika says he can hit Yoshino three times? And Yoshino’s face just drops. mahiro looks like he’s finally been put at ease.

yes this is why aika is hilarious
Typical Aika

But their faces when she says she’ll take off her clothes. Hahaha I couldn’t stop laughing and I already knew she wasn’t going to do it so it was 10 times more hilarious.

you wish bro, you wish
hahahahahahahahah i cant im dying loool
dat face

Of course, Yoshino rubs it in that he dated her and Mahiro’s reaction. Just, he’s such a real character. I love his faces man

aika said i could have 3 hits right
aika said i could have 3 hits right

Now that’s attractive.

Oh and remember how Hakaze mentioned that she used to make fun of Tetsuma growing up?

Yeah, I don’t really see that changing for a while.

Speaking of Hakaze, she looked epic in that suit of armour when the defeat Genesis. One thing that bothered me though was her Megumi like behaviour when she’s leaving the village. If any of you have seen Shiki I think you would understand where I’m coming from.

I feel like I didn’t really give Evangeline much attention throughout the anime but she was a pretty cool character, making light of the situation but also being pretty in character too.

Only disappointing thing was not being able to see Hanemura’s girlfriend. I was kinda hoping to see her.

Oh and if you couldn’t tell I like Aika a lot more thanks to this last episode. I’ll elaborate more in my collective review of the anime. Hopefully, that’s be up in a couple of days. I’m looking forward to writing it.