By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: Battle of freaking Genesis

Okay, let’s get the main thing out of the way, Yoshino’s going to die. They can’t let him come back, he has to die. A part of me is slightly worried since there’s still a whole episode to go but he just has to die. I don’t hate him to that extent but it just had to happen. I said a while ago that it was going to happen and there’s no way they’re going to let him escape death a second time.

The ending of the episode was just fantastic, the best/worst way to end it. i’m really thankful I left this episode till the day the last one came out because i would not have been able to wait patiently. I would have started yelling at the screen over the awesomeness that was happening while watching but my mother’s sick and sleeping in the next room so I controlled my excitement.

While we’re talking about Yoshino, I love how he had no reason to be in the middle of the battle but I guess he wanted to go sight seeing. Honestly there was no point in him being there and his reason was just stupid. They needed to have a reason to have him there till the end and kill him off because he was a recurring character through out.

and i want to be in the middle of it
‘and i want to be in the middle of it’

He literally says that. Attention seeker comes to mind.

I get he was a pretty cool character…for the first half of the anime…couple of episodes but he isn’t needed anymore. Imagine the hell Mahiro and Hakaze alone will go through.

And Mahiro, damn I love this guy alright? He’s so freaking awesome. he first admits that he can’t really do anything in the situation then comes up with the best plan and sees through it. He’s even ordering Samon around and his plan was freaking awesome. Especially switching in Tesuma, I can’t believe that slipped my mind. Even if it was a likey idea someone would have come up with. And then unlike Yoshino, he’s planning on getting things done. He wants to step his game up and fix the world we live in. After all, it’s the crazy ones that think they can change the world that do. Mahiro fits that description so well.

I also like his sort of all knowing attitude but at the same time re comes off real because he can’t get himself to always stick with things he says. Dying is pointless but he’s diving head first into a warzone anyway.  I like his sort of older brother status going on with him and Hanemura. He puts him down but also helps him up. I like his conviction too. he doesn’t think about failure because he knows that’ll just make him doubt himself. If things mess you he can just take it from there. A bit spontaneous but he’s still pretty level headed too.

holy shit i think i ship them 0_9 not in that way but they would be the sickest friends (and im surprised no one actually ships them..).

Hanemura himself, like I mentioned last episode, is freaking awesome. Sure he seemed like a wimp at first but I feel like he’s an underdog that’s getting his chance to really make a difference, literally. I can’t explain it (partially because I’m too psyched to watch the next episode) but he just is freaking cool.

Oh and, Yoshino looked like a girl, when the took over the ship I literally though a new character was randomly introduced for a second..