By: ArtemisDSII

Overall rating: 3/10

I try giving shoujo a chance, I really do. Despite being really anti sappy love stories and such I have watched a fair amount of shoujo and romance anime. Yes, I am repeatedly disappointed and can’t help but wonder why I waste so much time on stupid anime. Tonari was sadly, no exception. I actually put off this review for so long because I didn’t even want to bother with it but I also want to just get it out of my memory already.


It was such an incomplete anime with so many plot holes. They didn’t even finish it. It’s just one of those really stupid anime that just ends when they feel like it. You know how sometimes a show ends suddenly because the people playing the characters died? That’s what it felt like. They were recording and then each character died so they stopped documenting these kids’ lives. The only problem is, it’s anime they don’t die. They had no excuse to just leave the whole thing hanging.

Haru’s brother is literally the main thing that kept me interested in the show. i though, hey seems like it’ll have an interesting twist. But what happens about that whole aspect of the show? He disappears. He was literally there just to prolong the not-really conculsion. That really ticked me off. There was so much room for the creators to actually do something with the plot but they just have him walk out of the story. Not cool.

Yamaken was a predictable but still interesting character. I kinda liked him then didn’t like him because he seemed like a bad person in comparison to Haru but that all changed because of Haru’s abusive character. I don’t get anyone that says they like Haru to the point of fan girling or whatever. I understand it’s a cliche anime so he was going to end up with Shizuko but I thought he was the dumbest choice to make between the two. Ha, and in the end, she doesn’t ‘choose’ or end up with anyone either.

Yamaken did have a jealous personality and they didn’t really give him a chance but watching the show you kinda know and therefore subconsciously probably would want Haru to end up with the guy that showed up first but hell no. Like I mentioned, I hate Haru’s abusive character.

There’s a scene in the 10th episode that just killed everything for me. Haru confronts Yamaken about liking Shizuko and Yamaken doesn’t really say anything but asks him what he would do if she like him better than Haru. Haru can’t bear the though so he slowly starts looking very dark and brings his hand forward in an attempt to push Yamaken before he’s brought out of his trance by Shizuko (who doesn’t know what’s happening) randomly out of his trance. Oh, Yamaken and him were standing a floor or two above ground and Yamaken was right next to the fence. Haru was going to push him off the ledge. Does anyone not have a problem with that? What is that a sign of devotion or something? I found it disgusting and pitiful. He’s so obsessive over some girl that doesn’t really care he was going to push this guy he has known for years off a balcony and probably kill him. And he would have done it if Shizuko didn’t come out of no where.

What if Mizutani-san says that she likes me more?

Look at what he says, and the look on his face when he says it. I think it’s all self explanatory

I just don’t get how anyone could think of him as a model character let alone worthy of being the main protagonist. Besides that, he can’t stand Shizuko being around others and isn’t really fit with society. I don’t even get why Shizuko liked him more than Yamaken.

Shizuko herself also ticked me off. She shows no emotion and is such a bland and annoying character I don’t understand why these two guys even like her. I mean, if I was surrounded by Natsume and Shizuko all the time i’d probably like Natsume way more because she’s actually responsive. Shizuko just seemed soempty as a character, I wonder why I even bothered watching this show again. Anybody that even suggests the idea that Shizuko was a strong character deserves a nice punch in the face. They just made her seem cold and being distant and cold like she was doesn’t make you strong, it makes you damn annoying.

Oh and let’s not forget the annoying I like you now and I don’t like you now being thrown everywhere. Make up your damned mind.

How could I forget, just remembered another thing that bothered me just as much as Haru’s psychotic behaviour. In the theme song and on the covers of the manga, Haru has a chain on his neck that Shizuko holds. I find that degrading and had the chain been on Shizuko people would have flipped and hated on this anime so much. there would be so many posts about women being treated like objects and such but did I hear even the mention of such a thing against men? Nope. And was it wrong? Yes it was. Not only was it degrading, there was practically no relationship between Shizuko actually having any sort of control over Haru since he kept going ballistic. What was the point of it to begin with?

The only characters I did like and wish had more screen time, better yet if the anime was about them alone, were the baseball guy, Natsume (not too much), Haru’s brother and cousin. All in all, it wasn’t worth my time, it was stupid because they made it seem like these were attractive or cool characters when they were really shit and it didn’t even have an ending, it barely reached the middle.

The only reason it even got a 3 from me is because it had me laughing a few times. Thinking about it, it probably doesn’t even deserve the rating.