By: Striffy

Psycho-Pass- English Dub

For those of you that watched Psycho-Pass and aren’t complete idiots and don’t participate in the Holy Dubs vs. Subs war that most anime fans seem to fall victim to, you’ll probably be happy to hear that Psycho-Pass is getting an English dub– and by Funimation, no less. The DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack is slated for Spring 2014 (but you know Funimation, they’ll probably miss the release date).

Magi- Season 2

YES!! I knew that their were way too many loose ends ending Magi with just 24-26 episodes! We’re going to get a second season!


Well, thank Studio Deen for this one. It would’ve felt way too rushed closing this off with just 12 or 13 eps. I mean, considering the fact that every episode reveals a new bishie without attempting to flesh out the other 73.