By: ArtemisDSII

So the guy Hyobu was talking to seems to be some guy he worked with in another life or rather years before he became an esper? I’m a little confused about it all, I kinda didn’t see the dead coming out of books thing.

I don’t know why I kinda hoped Hyoubu wasn’t going to go for the kill everyone that isn’t like us approach but he’s going for it anyway.


And like I mentioned in the previous episode, there’s some sort of time limit Hyoubu’s got that’s started to run out. I’m guessing he made some deal that would make him come back to life after being shot in the head. He probably wants revenge over the system. He probably felt betrayed too so I get why he would hate the normals but it doesn’t really rationalize killing off an entire civilization. I’m looking forward to what’s to come though.

And of course, he knew about Andy all along. It wouldn’t make sense if he didn’t. I hate how it had to cut off write when he was about to kill him. What a cliffhanger.

I noticed he likes holding his hair up and dramatically show off his scar.

It proves, however, that he did die.

Despite how evil and serious he can be I love how hilarious he is when everything’s chill. When he pushes Andy into the pool and returns the small necklace thing; it was hilarious.