By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: Smile

So Judal was gone in like 5 minutes, for a bad guy he’s a wimp. He seems more and more like a puppet to me.

We get a little more insight on Kassim and even though at first he was still not having it he eventually ‘sees the light.’ I felt a little bad though, how he had to kill his father and why he did it. In his situation, I can understand his recklessness and his gradual decent into madness.


I still don’t like him for everything he’s done and how much hate he had for Ali baba even though it makes more sense now. I understand him but I still can’t change accept what he did. In the very end he still doesn’t know if Alibaba is his friend. And rightfully so, i wouldn’t know either after all that.

Alibaba’s a wimp too though, again understandably. He breaks down at the end because he loses his friend twice. Once to the darkness and again to death.

It’s ok Ali (is it just me or does it look like he’s mourning over a dead girlfriend)

I couldn’t help but wonder where the hell Morgiana had gone. Last time I remember seeing her was when she was catapulted to the other side of the palace or something. I’m looking forward to her awesomeness in the coming episodes. Don’t let me down Morgiana, you’re cool.


Oh and Jafar and the other guy are so damn cool. Finally they show off their moves. Ah and Sinbad seems to be weak from whatever which probably meant that he won’t be taking too big a role when it comes to dealing with any huge problems coming in the future.

I liked the way that everyone got the chance to reunite with anyone they lost recently (after they all went insane). Guess it went with the whole ‘smile’ thing.