By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: Aika Fuwa

So as always, Yoshino seems pretty calm about Aika killing herself. Even though Mahiro was pretty much the same, Yoshino still bothers me more. What I liked was Hanemura stepping up and being like ‘can you stop acting like a bunch of empty shells?’


I was so happy he beat up Mahiro too, he finally stood up to all the good guys who were pretty much treating him like trash. Kind of like a reality check, we get you’re saving the world but you can’t be pushing people around, bullies.

Then this happened.


Saying I was scared for Hanemura is probably an understatement. Thankfully (I think) though, Mahiro just decided to be creepy and get in his face. I can’t help but wonder how many people shipped Hanemura and Mahiro *shudders.*

The amount of attitude Yoshino showed though, lol.

That's sassy
That’s sassy

Anyway, this episode just made me like mahiro A LOT more than Yoshino and we get a little insight on Aika which made me get her more. At least, the part of her obsessing over the Tempest and Hamlet made more sense. Still an empty character though.

I think she was attracted to Mahiro too, not just Yoshino and what attracted her was their ‘normal’ behaviour. Everyone else around her seemed to be very particular and formal but these guys didn’t really try to hard to be different around her.

Anyway, favourite moment:

IMG_3116I loled