By: Striffy

Overall Rating: 8/10

Happy end, sad end. I don’t even know the difference anymore. I think I’m going to need something lighthearted after that piece of work.

Looking at Kagiri’s face somehow makes it a little better.

There was so much that happened, but you know what? That has to be one of the best directed death scenes I’ve ever seen. I’ve had cool main characters fall to their graves and all, but to take such a messed up villain of a character- while shedding no background on him- and managing to make his death unbelievably sad, it takes skill. And sadism too.


You know what, screw it! I’m angry! What the hell? This is supposed to be a HAPPY end. Makishima died. It’s supposed to happen. The guy’s unbelievably twisted so it only makes sense for someone like him to die in an anime like this. We expected it. So what the hell?? Why did we have to feel bad for him? ‘Cuz guess what– it happened!! Despite all of the bullshit Makishima put everyone through I didn’t want Kogami to shoot him.

My heart broke as he limped off into the field with gallons of blood flowing out. But the part that really got me was the tears. What?? BRO!! Why now?? Don’t cry!!! I’m going to feel bad now!! And guess what? The worst part was that he laughed upon seeing his own tears. I don’t know if it was tears of pain, or tears of “holy shit im gona die now”, but whatever it was, it was a first time for him.


Makishima believed that all humans and their relationships were replaceable, giving him the feeling of isolation which was only fueled by the way Sibyl treated its citizens (quantifying their souls and should anyone be unfit for something, having a load of people ready to replace them). Upon asking Shinya whether he would be able to find a replacement for Makishima, Shinya says “Well, I sure hope not”, which could also be translated “No, I sure hope not”. Believe it or not, this was probably the nicest thing anyone could have said to Shougo. Just like that Makishima is a special  individual, irreplaceable by anyone. That’s what he wanted too, wasn’t it? But without the rejection that Sibyl offered.


And so his smile to that answer was genuine and satisfied. Was it his first time even registering emotions like that? It’s possible. And as soon as he feels that completion– boom– he’s dead.


The most undeveloped character in the anime, considering that he’s one of the main guys. He remains static throughout the whole show, undergoing no changes, his beliefs are the very same as they were in the beginning. Maybe I missed something crucial, but I highly doubt that. The only person allowed to stay static was Makishima since he was the force that compelled everyone to push themselves. But Shinya- no development.


In that case, now I have a beef with this anime. Why let static and unchanging Shinya kill Makishima? That’s kind of besides the point of the show.


She’s come a long way from the start. She believes that the current society needs Sibyl, and she’s probably right, or those idiots that make up her society would probably go berserk like they did earlier on. Her voice of reasoning makes sense, and I love her for that. In fact, she and Makishima are my favourite characters in this show (with Makishima beating her because he was just so much fun to have around, plus his end was perfection).


Sibyl System

Quit giggling in the corner. We’ll get you, you stupid brains. Like Akane said “Don’t underestimate humans!” Be looking forward to a power outage.

And pfft– good luck to the citizens accepting your existence when they find out about it. Actually, they might not give a crap.


I love this anime. It actually drew emotion out from me and got me thinking at the same time.

  • Brilliant direction in this episode, by the way. Absolutely gorgeous visuals.
  • When Shinya was tracking Makishima I was like T-T “No BAD DOG!! Quit hounding him!” Seriously, he was like a dog on the prowl.
  • Thank god for Makishima not quoting literature before dying. That would’ve been retarded.
Another dose of Kagiri.

Edit March/23/13: Crap! I didn’t mention the most important part: They forgot to include a little something in the show. That little something being, oh I don’t know, a FREAKING ENDING!!! The Sibyl System prevailed! What the hell? It’s like Gen just couldn’t think of a better solution himself and was like “Screw this shit! All hail Sibyl, it’s more depressing anyway!” And there’s probably going to be no Season 2.

Jeez, the fact that I whined more about the villain than about the show ending this way is really something. On the contrary, ending the show with a huge emotional climax really is something too. Though I felt like there was so much more to Makishima we never knew, this episode gave us closure to his existence, and it’s not like I’m unsatisfied or anything- quite the opposite really.