By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: Woman of Fate

I think I just might stop hating on Aika. The way I see it, being the Mage of Exodus she wasn’t supposed to have much personality to begin with. Being the sole person with the power of Exodus and living an isolated life like hers was necessary in order for her to make the decision of killing herself. She wasn’t supposed to care. I guess she did like Yoshino and Mahiro (but Yoshino more…) but they came second to her role as the Mage.


I don’t think she was meant to seem human to begin with, that’s why we didn’t really get a chance to see her personality and in my case, like it. If I had to sympathize for her it would be only because she never had the chance to be human. i don’t consider her one at all anymore.

I get why people would like Aika more because she’s so impartial and people like that but personally I would say I like Hakaze way better. I get she’s weirdly obsessed with Yoshino but at least she seemed like a more natural character. Well, until this happened,


What was cool was learning how the mage of Exodus gets her power. Basically, they get the same amount but have fewer limitations because when it comes down to it, they have to act as an impartial party to save the world.

Like I was saying though, Hakaze is a more interesting character when you look at it. The sad thing is despite everything, everything she believed in worked in a way that she didn’t understand. At the beginning we see her as someone so sure about her god and then finally, she just can’t understand why anymore. And the truly tragic thing about it all is that no matter what, her life and everything about it will continue to be governed by the Tree until it is destroyed. And when that happens, I wonder what Hakaze will be like.