By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: Who Done It? / Whodunit

For starters, everyone should take the time to just read the title and take it in. Just do it.

Alright so Aika being the Mage of Exodus  is the spoiler I saw via Tumblr. Actually, I read something she said and I quickly deduced that she was the Mage of Exodus and it sucked but oh well. The way they show it in the episode, I know I would have been flipping out and I’d have felt all the emotions. Kinda depressed that I missed on the scene I would have created.

On a more serious note,


But seriously, I have got Mahiro all figured out, he’s that guy that knows everything about women but gets friend zoned faster than flash. I mean, Aika didn’t really like him at all and Hakaze’s busy fangirling over stupid Yoshino. While we’re at it, why is everyone okay with Hakaze possibly killing Aika and her reasoning for possibly doing so?

The creepiest thing though was Hakaze saying that if Yoshino hated her for killing Aika at least she would be in his memory forever. How the hell is the future of the world and it’s logic left in her hand without anyone worrying about it? I’m starting to understand Samon’s troubles more and more. I, too, would be a little worried if the entire world depended on some hormone crazed girl.

Getting back to Aika, it’s a cool twist that she’s Mage of Exodus and it makes a lot of sense how the trees are basically opposites and so are Hakaze’s and her personality. Hakaze’s got a pretty upbeat and optomistic personality where Aika is some messed, sadistic kid. I have yet to see any desirable personality traits that would make Yoshino and Mahiro obsess over her so much. Heck, Yoshino and Mahiro have yet to say anything nice about her. I guess the only thing she had going for her was being the Mage of Exodus which allowed her to come in between a potential relationship between Yoshino and Hakaze solely because she is not governed by the Tree of Genesis’s logic. That would explain why she probably won’t get her way AND WHY AM I TALKING ABOUT POTENTIAL RELATIONSHIPS WHEN WE’RE TRYING TO SAVE THE WORLD.

I feel for you Samon, I really do.